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  1. Chapman/Horsham orders

    I don't know what part of Virginia you are in, but if you want to try out a hybrid, I would suggest looking on the Turo app. I didn't see any specifically in Virginia, but did see some in Washington, don't know how far that is for you. Might find something closer too if you play with the pick up...
  2. Chapman/Horsham orders

    Ford Chat told me I was priority 15, but then when I asked Ashlie a few days later she told me I was a 16. So either Ashlie moved me even further back or there is some hiccup between Ford and the dealers.
  3. Maverick Zion - living in my Maverick for past 2 months traveling CA, NV, UT using Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot

    Whats your tent set up in the back? I want to try camping out the back but I'm 6'2 and the bed would barely be 6' with the tailgate now.
  4. Any interest in meet up ne orlando

    Who did you end up picking your truck up from and did you have to pay a mark-up? Don't care if you did, but I've been calling all around the state and the only place I found that doesn't mark them up is Autonation Ford and I've never seen them get any in. I second Mullinax for ordering, but even...
  5. Got my Maverick TODAY!

    I have one of my orders in with them also. The interest rates are price protected from when you ordered so anyone can get them on their ordered ones, but its great that you didn't have to argue with them or show them anything to get them to do it and they just did it on their own. Definitely...
  6. Bak Revolver X4S Hard Rollup Installed on Lariat Hybrid - impressions review

    I'm debating between the hard roll-up and the tri-fold myself. I was originally all for the hard roll-up, but while you lose visibility in the tri-fold, you can fold it all the way up against the cab so you don't lose any room in the bed in the event you need to use it all. How difficult is the...

    Does Ford have your email in the system or the dealers? Make sure they have yours in there so anytime something happens, you get updated. Theoretically you will get a build and ship email and then you can track it to the dealer so they don't try to sell it out from under you.
  8. Chapman/Horsham orders

    Yeah, I heard about them at the announcement, but delayed ordering because I have been trying to get a house and didn't want the hit on my credit right before buying. Then when they announced the hybrid cut-off date I said screw it and jumped on ordering. In hindsight, I should've just ordered...
  9. Chapman/Horsham orders

    Yeah. I'm glad I have an order in at two different dealers. I am hoping my first one gets built and then hopefully the 2023 changes are announced before it comes so I can decide whether to keep it or wait for the Chapman one.
  10. Chapman/Horsham orders

    Yeah the one time I called I wasn't able to get the priority code either. I would try chatting when you get home then and see what they say.
  11. Chapman/Horsham orders

    She just got back with me and said I'm at 16 now. Don't know if I was moved up from 15 to 16 in the last few days or what. I'll try the Ford Chat here in a bit and see if they say 15 still or 16. Hopefully they can get those July, July August orders out quickly and move us down again.
  12. Chapman/Horsham orders

    Yeah, I'll email her as its been awhile since I checked in anyways. I was told I was a 15 on the Ford Chat so I can see if it matches up at least.
  13. Chapman/Horsham orders

    Gotcha! Yeah I probably should've added that. It technically isn't part of the Lux package, but is required in order to get the Lux package for Lariat.
  14. Chapman/Horsham orders

    I do have 360. It's required as part of the Lariat Lux.
  15. Chapman/Horsham orders

    I'm definitely getting a 2023 of your August got pushed back to 14. I have the same built as you but two months later.
  16. Any interest in meet up ne orlando

    I'm in the Altamonte area and would definitely be up for a meet about 5 months whenever mine gets built.. wouldn't mind stopping by to check them out beforehand though
  17. Confirmed: The Paint Sucks

    I figured it would at least make the clear coat thick enough to have more protection than standard paint?
  18. Confirmed: The Paint Sucks

    Yeah, I already have some local quotes. I never used ceramic before, but I am getting it done as soon as the truck comes in. Hopefully it will protect the paint more than just what a normal amount of paint would on any other car.
  19. Chapman/Horsham orders

    I was almost thinking of adding a bed cover to make mine even more constrained. At this rate it looks like we might get build dates in July or August for a September build. I'd rather wait at this point and see the 2023 models have.
  20. Turo Rental Orlando

    Yeah. I checked a few months ago and didn't see anything and then checked a couple days ago just for the hell of it. There was one in Orlando, one in St Augustine, and one near Tampa. I was thinking about maybe doing that with mine for a bit because I'm sure there are plenty who want to try it...