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  1. Confirmed: The Paint Sucks

    The car I traded in, at 11 years and 400k miles, looked like it could use PROACTIVE treatment. This maverick will be no different. My initial build had the protective film option that I had removed thinking it might delay the build. I'm happy I got my Mav sooner than some but I kinda wish I...
  2. Tonneau cover gap / water leakage due to Maverick design

    So you assumed I need a SUV? I paid $1100 for a hard trifold tonneau that my dealer told me is watertight and that's what I expected. Anything you can suggest that can help resolve the tonneau cover leaking problem will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Glare issue with glossy dash?

    No glare on the dash but on the hood. Minor annoyance but an annoyance nonetheless
  4. LED light strips for Bed - Orientation

    I did the same. I didn't even bother using the double sides tape. Rexka 30pcs Auto Car Push Mount Strap Cable Tie Compatible with Imports 200mm Length Toyota Honda Nissan Mazda Subaru Hyundai Kia For the switch, this is what I used. SUNJOYCO 4 in 1 Dual USB Socket Charger 2.1A & 2.1A +...
  5. How did you spend your FordPass Rewards?

    You and I had same order date. I spent mine on mud flaps, tailgate lock and damper, and hood protector.
  6. LED light strips for Bed - Orientation

    I have mine mounted like @Lone Star Proud . The strip was longer than the bed but instead of cutting it, I just turned it 90° inwards and stuck it to the tonneau cover.
  7. My XLT just arrived

    No pic, it didn't happen. ;)
  8. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Yes, delete this thread and your video on YouTube.
  9. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    That came with the infotainment screen protector. I stuck it on there after I installed it and forgot about it. When I did noticed it again, I decided to just leave it there in case I ever need it I know where it is.
  10. Horn is weak

    Yeah, my butt puckered yesterday because I actually saw this as it happened. Saw his cooler fly.
  11. Horn is weak

    I used mine this morning. I think it's good.
  12. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    I've really enjoyed reading your reactions and comments but was too busy to reply. Anyway, thank you. I want to add a couple of things to my review. This is a minor annoyance but when the sun hits the right spot right there, I hate it. AND I HATE MYSELF FOR PUTTING THE FIRST SCRATCH ON MY...
  13. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    Lately, folks have posted reviews bitching and moaning about petty stuff they hate about their Mav so I figured, why not do one as well! First, I hate that gas prices are so high right now so I'm very happy with that MPG right there. That drive was 5 percent city/95 percent interstate. I...
  14. Am i the only one using the app for bluetooth connectivity?

    So via Bluetooth only and NOT PLUGGED IN, you can see Google maps in your infotainment screen?
  15. Fumoto drain plug

    I ordered and was going to install the F137S during my last oc but yeah, wouldn't fit so I ordered the 1/2 inch adaptor. Will post pics when I install it.
  16. Checking for Oil leaks on the Hybrid after oil change.

    Once it's ready, just step on the gas pedal and hold it down and the ice will start.
  17. AVS Bugflector II Bug Shield

    I like this alot better than the LUND that I got. It looks like it'll do a better job. The lund does nothing at deflecting bugs. Having said that, I did have this on my previous vehicle but took it off. Spring is horrible because we have trees all over the yard. Pollen and buds from the...
  18. Free gift

    I hope you'll find use for it. Mine is still in the box, except for the trash receptacle.