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  1. 2023 Ford Maverick - 12 Changes We Need

    I would want the cruise control,fog lights , and to get rid of that cubby
  2. Back Seat Drivers (Pets) Pics Thread

    I would never let my pet ride in my maverick when I get it.
  3. Back Seat Drivers (Pets) Pics Thread

    Wait, your cat is a back seater? First I’ve heard of taking the cat along for a drive
  4. My truck is on the water

    I wish our mavericks would stop vacationing in foreign places and taking cruise ships
  5. Maverick Zion - living in my Maverick for past 2 months traveling CA, NV, UT using Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot

    Did you get yourself out of the sand is the real question…
  6. Trim piece missing

    My dad always told me everything comes with extra parts. But after the tree house incident, I decided to stop listening to him😂
  7. Tax credit for Hybrid Maverick?

    Could I add an extension cord hardwired into the battery so I can qualify? I know a guy…😂
  8. Found the first problem with my Maverick...

    My problem is lack of truck
  9. Getting My Second Maverick

    You simply don’t need two Mavericks that are the same color. I will gladly take one😁 Congrats, even though I ordered one and still haven’t got it
  10. Added carbon fiber matte wrap to the hood and roof + plus tint!

    I live in FL and currently have leather seats with no working cool air. It’s is brutal.
  11. Maverick Named One of 2022 Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX

    Ah yes, I often compare the interior of the maverick to a lucid air and Mercedes. Whoever decided that was higher than a space shuttle.
  12. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Look on the bright side. Not sure what it is but just look at that
  13. Still waiting.

    Hey, still waiting is my game🤣😂
  14. ? For anyone with an honest answer?

    OP can’t support these claims. I don’t think that information would be available unless we are basing it off of a salespersons response (which is worthless)
  15. ? For anyone with an honest answer?

    You drew the short end of the stick. I placed on September and only recently was told it may be built in June. Shop around I guess.
  16. Where to Mount a PA horn?

    On the contrary. It’s to get out of trouble
  17. More than 1/3 of Maverick buyers under 44 years of age. And 60% come from other brands

    I’m in south FL and we have trucks everywhere. Not idea where that idea came from
  18. Ford gives Maverick official slogan: "MAKE IT WITH MAVERICK"

    Ford can’t even make the maverick, how am I supposed to make it with the maverick?
  19. Maverick w/ black wrapped hood, mirror caps, 20" wheels

    I would do that roof to get that two tone look. Every time I see a new mav pic, I immediately regret ordering carbonized gray 😡