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  1. Smart Mirror

    I was thinking of trying to do something along these lines by using a 2015 and up 3rd brake light camera mount with a smart mirror. Does anyone have experience with these systems.
  2. Production Purgatory

    Anyone else stuck production purgatory? My build has said in production for 2 weeks now. Don’t know if this is normal or just another hiccup in the system. I have checked to see if my trucks computers have populated but not a one is alive yet.
  3. Lund Genesis Tonneau Cover

    Has anyone order and installed a Lund Lund Genesis Tonneau Cover? I like the looks and also the price on Realtrucks isn’t bad either at $399.
  4. New baby being delivered 😃 but not mine 😢

    Seen this on 495 North around Chelmsford Massachusetts area. At about 4:00 or so. First Edition Hybrid in Area 51. It’s not mine but some I hope on here is.
  5. Hybrid pedestrian alarm and backup alarm

    Does anyone know where the external speaker that makes the spaceship noise and beeping for backing up is located on the Hybrid? I know there are companies that make eliminators so you can remove it and not set faults for the Hybrid F 150. I also know it’s semi illegal so it will be off road use...
  6. Bed side rail bolt hole measurement?

    I was wondering if anyone has the measurements from bolt hole to bolt hole for the side rail Lux package cargo rail? Also the hole a little higher up we’re you would put your bed lights under the rail? I wish I could get a picture to explain it better
  7. Top speed in Hybrid electric only mode?

    Does anyone have an exact top speed for the Hybrid in electric only mode? Curious about it because a lot of the roads I’m on never exceed 50 mph.
  8. June orders that are still waiting for build dates?

    How many out there have orders from June and still have no build date? I’m one with a June 19th order. That is a week after they first started taking orders and no word from Ford after the initial order confirmation email.
  9. Painted mirror caps???

    I was wondering if the painted mirror caps are something that snaps onto the regular mirror or is it molded into the mirror? I love the look of the painted mirror caps. I would imagine that this would be something aftermarket you make.
  10. Hood gas struts for Maverick This is something I would be interested in to get rid of the hood prop for my Maverick. I don’t see why it would not fit because the Maverick and Bronco Sport are the same chassis.