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  1. 🗓 Update: 2023 Maverick ordering opens August 15 (Hybrid) & August 25 (Gas). Production begins October 24 (All Models)

    Why do people keep thinking Ford will change much between MY2022 and MY2023 outside of price? Can ANYONE give one reason why that would make any sense whatsoever?
  2. Those santa cruz owners at it again

    If it got 40mpg I'd buy one no problem... Only redeeming thing Ford has at the moment is its cheap and decent mpg. Looks are always subjective, I didn't mind how the Gremlin looked, but darn that Pacer looked odd, but, people bought it! And the original Maverick was far uglier than a Gremlin.
  3. Ram 1200 small pickup rumored on its way to fight Ford Maverick

    Hyundai will have a full EV truck out within the next 2 years or so.. I suspect a few others as well.
  4. Dealers selling "used" new Mavericks

    Given one dealer was selling for thousands under (early on) we know the profit margin is far far far higher than $2,000
  5. Dealers selling "used" new Mavericks

    Ford has admitted to letting very old end buyer bronco orders sit to give broncos to dealers who made huge markups. Meaning they did it on purpose to maximize profits. Do you think they really care if a dealer marks a Maverick up? I think not. At best they shoot a feel good PR bulliten out...
  6. Did the dealer steal my order?

    After looking at the timeline it does some wires might simply be crossed. I'd not say "too short from order to sold" as its still awhile. But given how long most are waiting its too short...unless dealer allocations put this order in front of a lot of others... If true, this meant dealer...
  7. Did the dealer steal my order?

    Something does sound off... Either they sold it or Ford is crap at letting us know whats going on all of a sudden (sarcasm). I expect to maybe get a build date within the next month, which would mean a few months before its built. I'll try to get on top of it when its within a month. This...
  8. Solar panel for long term parking

    Where do you live/park... As long as you get sun it would work just fine.
  9. Interior scratch/damage

    I've thought for some time that Ford didn't put the miles on this truck (premanufacturer) than they did on the Lightning/MachE.... The glowing cat thing should have been fount if they had...
  10. Maverick for sale

    Lol...Buyer can't take possession, as its still on ships and parts bins... Some funny chit here.
  11. Confirmed: The Paint Sucks

    Any new car that gets a chip soon will be "bad paint"... For me this is why I try to pick a color that will be easier to touch up and blend in. CO/Red or Black was low on the list for those reasons. Not sure how light blue will fair, white is the obvious choice in those regards.
  12. Ford fanboys/fangirls what would make you leave Ford

    Back when I was into trucks you bought a Ford if you wanted a decent priced work truck. You wanted ease of maintenance/reliability you'd get a Cummins and suffer thru the rest of the truck (dodge) with a stick shift.... Chevy was for those who had money and wanted a Chevy. Things changed...
  13. All September orders

    From what I've seen it looks like Fords notification system is now more screwed up than it was before they "fixed" it. I thought we were into July build weeks being notified? Yet here you are a June Build (hopefully).
  14. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    Saw my first Cruz yesterday, not a bad looking little truck. I'd not spend more for "better" trim at the cost of significant MPG loss, much less loosing power while doing so! I also don't expect the Maverick to be a work truck, if I did I'd put seat covers on right away with a SIBL, both...
  15. ⏱ No Maverick Scheduling Next Week (5/23)

    They have built and owners have them January orders with a LOT of Constraint items...
  16. HVAC stuck on heat

    It's cause your so hot... :)
  17. January 22 orders w/ CP360

    I really regret removing mine... Is what it is now.

    Someone is driving what would have been your lariat around...smiling every mile.
  19. Pre Collision Warning

    It would be nice to know if the person who hit the other car in the rear got the warning/brake assist. This system, in part, is why I'm buying a new car...
  20. Can't Confirm Anything