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  1. Issues with Tracking Website?

    Anybody ever have issues with the tracking website? This week I got scheduled for the week of 6/13. Dealer gave me a VIN yesterday. When I entered it into the tracker yesterday, it worked great!:D Today, it doesn't pull up.😕 Has that happened to anyone else? This is the link I'm using.
  2. Round Headlights

    I was thinking about how cool the Maverick would look with round headlights like the Bronco Sports, did a search and came across this old article. What do you think? (y) Or(n)? I don’t think they could be swapped, but I think they look awesome. Sorry if this has already appeared elsewhere. Did a...
  3. Waiting on Order: Time to Sell?

    So I'm waiting on a Hybrid XLT with no options other than the hitch. Ordered 10/5. My current vehicle is a 2018 Tacoma with 72k miles and counting. I planned to keep it until my Maverick arrived, but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and sell now to maximize profit, and buy a beater to drive...