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  1. Enable Rear View Camera when moving forward?

    Has anybody figured how to enable the rear-view camera when moving forward? Would be helpful when the rear window is blocked with bed cover or tall loads.
  2. Powerful Oil Pan Drain Plug - Yes or No

    I read some members are seeing metal with oil changes. Would this plug help capture most of the ferrous debris?
  3. First oil change on Hybrid

    I'm planning a 3,800-mile round trip to Kentucky/Kansas to visit relatives and spend some money. The Maverick has 1539 miles as of today and the oil monitor said I had 75% oil integrity left, so I decided to change the oil with something I have been using for decades and has never left me down...
  4. More than 1/3 of Maverick buyers under 44 years of age. And 60% come from other brands

    Ford's Maverick Is A Conquest King, 60% Of Buyers Coming From Other Brands | Carscoops Ford’s Maverick Is A Conquest King, 60% Of Buyers Coming From Other Brands Conquest buyers are highly sought-after as once an automaker brings a customer into the fold, it’s easier to keep them buying their...
  5. Ford gives Maverick official slogan: "MAKE IT WITH MAVERICK"

  6. Lariat Hybrid First 1000 Miles

    The first 1000 miles have been great. The only issue I had when delivered was the Pedestrian warning not working and the Brake Hold button chiming when pressed. Used the Master Reset in settings to clear problem. Averaged 44 mpg over the 1000 miles with about a 50/50 split between city and...
  7. Anybody Have a Photo of Screen/ Cubby Unit Removed

    I want to run some cables behind the unit for my TomTom navi and I don't want to destroy anything popping the screen out of dash.
  8. Wondering What This Button Was On Lariat

    The button turns on and off the Pedestrian Warning System. I could not figure that out by the icon.
  9. Hood Deflector or Film to prevent rock chips on paint?

    I see paint chips are a problem with the Maverick. Don't know if it's associated with a particular color, but it's time to protect the hood. I have experiences with hood deflectors, and they work well but high-flying stones still hit the hood. Anybody have experience with film? Thanks in Advance.
  10. Steering Feel a Little Different

    After three days of driving, I noticed the steering wheel feels like a wet sponge, the same feeling the recirculating ball steering had twenty years ago. Any old timers feel that wet sponge effect?
  11. Finally, Home After 9 Months

    Ok, I purchased 9 months ago from Gene Latta Ford in Hanover, PA. It's a family owned, one off Ford Dealer with strong ties to the community. Therefore, screwing over customers is a nonstarter. Ty Mummert was my salesperson and was straight forward on everything he told me. I paid MSRP at the...
  12. The Hits Keep Coming

    Russia's invasion of Ukraine will lower car production by millions of units over two years, S&P says (
  13. The Luck of the Irish {ALL within 2 Hours this Morning} Happy Days ARE HERE AGAIN

    Great news today - waited 9 months for this Welcome Your 2022 Maverick LARIAT is in final preparation with Gene Latta Ford, Inc.! Dealer will contact you soon The dealership is making the final preparation for your new vehicle, they will be reaching out to you soon to set up your delivery...