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  1. Line-X dealer sprayed over rubber plugs

    Kind of annoyed by this but I had a bedliner done today and noticed after I got home that they sprayed over these rubber plugs that take 2 seconds to remove.
  2. Default keypad codes not unique?

    So I was reading up on how to set the keypad code and saw that there was a "wallet card" with a default code with the owners manual (I was reading the manual online). I pulled out the manual, still wrapped in plastic, and saw that the VIN on the manual was not my trucks VIN but was apparently...
  3. Intake install question - removing air temp sensor

    Anybody have any tips how to remove this air temp sensor from the airbox? I'm turning it the direction of the arrow and it only turns a tiny bit and locks up. The install instructions say turn it 1/4 turn but it won't go that far and I'm already starting to crack the plastic trying to twist it...
  4. All tucked in

    Ordering my Maverick gave me some motivation to finally get my garage painted, cleaned up and organized. Brought home the Mav yesterday and finished the garage today. It fits but not much room to spare.
  5. Picked up my Maverick today

    Just took delivery of my Maverick today from Chapman and loving it so far! Making the 1200 mile trip home with a friend who used to be a Ford salesman and we're both pretty impressed with it. Rides smooth and quiet, plenty of room, etc. Seems to be a bit of head-turner too since most people...
  6. Feeling like I'm having to pester Chapman

    My Maverick arrived last Friday and I started the process of purchasing the truck with them via email and I feel like I'm having to repeatedly reach out to them to nudge them through the purchase process. My flight leaves for Philly Friday morning and they still haven't given me any guidance of...
  7. Can't track my build anymore, Ford tired of me hitting refresh?

    My truck has been in production since 10/19, my modules have activated etc but this morning when I put in my Order/VIN in the tracker and try to pull it up it just refreshes back to the tracker to enter the Order/VIN. I put in a random Order/VIN from another Maverick window sticker and it...
  8. Time from "In Production" to completion

    Just curious what everyone's experience has been so far regarding the timeframe from when the tracker shows "in production" until it's completed and shipped? Mine just went in production last night, scheduled build week is 10/25. I'm going to PA to get mine so trying to figure out if maybe it's...
  9. Order tracker not showing on Ford account

    I have received my order confirmation email the it's the same email as my Ford login but my order doesn't show here. Anybody know if there something I have to do so that I can track my order on the website?