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  1. Dealers selling "used" new Mavericks

    BUYERS establish Value. If there are No Buyers, there is No Value ! If several people offered you $100K for your Maverick, would you DEMAND they they pay less ? I have not purchased a new car in decades. They should offer classes to learn about all the bells and Hybrid stuff. I have put...
  2. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    I am scheduled to pick mine up next week, after waiting 9 months. Now i wonder if this is how Women with child feel ? I drove semi trucks for a couple decades. Ya barely notice when someone drives under ya like that while driving a semi. Maybe the Jeep driver dropped hot coffee in their lap...
  3. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    I HATE I have to wait one more week to pick my Maverick up. In the book "ONE" by Stanley Livingston Seagul. He says Hate is Love without understanding.
  4. 5 things I hate about my Mav

    When you tune in to the news and only find Brittany's conservatorship, It means "All is well" .
  5. No… Not Photoshopped.

    I drove Semi Trucks in and around the San Francisco Bay area for 25 years. Some folks yearn for a BIGger truck. SMALL, AFFORDABLE trucks disappeared for 20 years, due to that silly, BIGGER ego trip.
  6. Tired of all these Mavericks....

    I ordered My Area 51 XLT HyBrid w Spray in bed liner, September/8/2021 and April 14, 2022 rec'vd my heads up email from Ford, stating production date will be the Week of May 2nd. I am so anxious, I am thinking of building my own.
  7. Just put on 2003 Mustang GT Bullitt wheels / rims... Yay or nay?

    My XLT, HyBrid - Area 51 goes into production MAY 2nd. Ordered Sep 8, 2021. Can I steal your design ? Those 5 Spokes show CLASS. I live 2500 miles west, Nobody will notice !
  8. What comes next for the Ford Maverick? (Jalopnik article)

    I learned to drive in a Datsun pick up Truck. It was FUN to drive a small pick up. I have been cussing for years, "Where did all the DARN small Pick Ups GO " ? The DEMAND for a small pick up has never diminished. KEEP ON TRUKIN in a light weight pick up. Kick the egotistical idiot in the shins...
  9. Delays

    please keep in touch. I ordered 09/08/2021. Hybrid w spray in bed liner etc. Would be interesting to see if We recieve our toys one day apart.
  10. First Oil Change on Hybrid Maverick XLT -- my notes / tips

    Can ANYONE show PROOF that a motor failed due to lack of oil changes ? In fact an article by one major university, ran one Taxi out of 101 taxis, (NEVER CHANGED THE OIL)( 50 ran on fossil oil, 50 on synthetic) for 100,000 miles only changing the filter and found no significant metallic...
  11. AutoNation Low Ball Offer

    Buyers make value ! NO BUYERS??? NO VALUE !!! (we need to let the gas companies know this) I shopped five different Vending Machine auto sellers, Vroom "PAID" a thousand more for my Civic than the others offered. My favorite song is by "THE Miracles,,, SHOP AROUND".
  12. Hybrid Maverick out of gas... how many miles can it drive in electric only mode? The answer (video)

    The goal of the Hybrid is to get 40 miles to a gallon of fossil fuel, while eliminating range anxiety. 50 years from now, we may want to increase that to unlimited miles. R & R with a Tesla motor & Batteries.
  13. Video: fuel tank recall + Maverick Hybrid underbody

    The problem is with Spray in Bed liner installations only.

    Thank You for that post. I think the rest of us were getting ready to give up and walk away. I never thought I would get used to a four door Pick up truck, but this modern day T Bucket pulls it off nicely. Congrats.
  15. Broken front grill at 1000 miles

    I would punch a typical hole, two spaces to the left, and install a couple of these eyeballs.

    Simultaneously, I signed my Maverick order and sold my 2013 Honda Civic to Vroom For A Grand More than I paid for it 5 years ago. Some would say Twilight Zone. I say COVID Zone.
  17. My Hybrid Maverick DELIVERED!! [Updated] 🙌

    Hope I get mine for Christmas. I have been a g.... I have been an O.K. boy.