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  1. Fuel pump problems

    I have 11,366 miles on my 2.0. Going thru colorado springs Last Wednesday to one of the most nothern Hospital to see my first Grandson, I was on I-25 doing above 75 and passing somebody the pickup died for a full two seconds and then starts again, thinking this was odd and only a couple miles...
  2. My first Ford commercial that mentioned Mavericks.

    I think it was Phil Long Ford in Colorado Springs. Just imagine the mess we would be in if they would have advertised it well. I have seen NO Mavericks in the wild and one commercial.
  3. Maverick on the lot

    Went thru Great Bend Ks today, they had a white Maverick with steelies on there lot. Marmie Ford Did not stop.
  4. Anybody have experience making the exhaust safer using heat dissipaters?

    one of my concerns is I would like to make the exhaust a little safer when I am driving in semi-combustible areas? Will lifting help? Don't know if the tailpipe under the rear axle area raises with the body or not.
  5. Texting issues

    Got the Lariat Lux love it so far but why can I only text back to the last text I have received. I have an Iphone11. Is it my phone or pickup? I would love to text to talk because I am usually on the edge of reception and text work better. What do I need to change?
  6. A surprising advantage of the Maverick wheels.

    I drive a lot of miles on dirt , gravel and rocks. One of my pet peeves of my Outback was wheels. Dirt and mud would get on the flat part of the inner part of the wheel, dry up and stay. If you think an ounce or two of wheel weights makes a difference think what a half pound of mud would...
  7. Better tires

    I have the Pirelli 225r65/17 I have over 2,000 on them now and they seem decent. I've had good luck with the Wildpeaks but looking for another option. I need an equivalent of at least a six ply tire. My major enemy is old nails and sharp rocks. Old nails you can patch, sharp rocks not...
  8. Cold (-7), no problem

    Negative 7 this morning, wind-chill a little worse. No problems starting. right a 2,000 no problems averaging just under 29, using the calculator. Very Happy
  9. Colorado fires

    Not Maverick related but over 580 houses have burned so far this afternoon in the Superior area. Prayers for those people.
  10. Below the Ford emblem, what is that?

    Below the Ford emblem, what is that?
  11. Does the hotspot pick up signal better or worse than a cell phone?

    My question is this, does the hot spot pick up signal better or worse than a cell phone? I spend most of my time on the edges.