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  1. Those santa cruz owners at it again

    I remember seeing the Santa Cruz concept at the Detroit Auto Show. I have a picture of it in my phone it looked great. . . Just went and looked and the concept was basically access cab. Looks taller too. Way better grill. The production model lost in translation.
  2. Those santa cruz owners at it again

    There are 3 Santa Cruz sitting outside local Hyundai dealer. Not sold week after week. Bad on gas and too expensive for what they are. Price and fuel is Ridgline territory. The sales volume is the proof between Mav and Santa Cruz.
  3. Those santa cruz owners at it again

    Better fuel economy? nope! Better price? nope! Better looks? nope. . .I'm calling it now. Santa Cruz will be a 1 gen only vehicle. Edit: Ok I need to take a shower now. Just got back from bizzarro world. No helping thoughs people.
  4. Those santa cruz owners at it again

    Go on!. . .I have never gone over to that forum. Would probably have to take a long shower after. . .
  5. Starting to get pissed off

    This is like the adult version of the famous marshmallow test. . .I feel you pain but great rewards for thoughs who wait!
  6. Help with keeping neighbor cats away

    I was going to suggest .22 but this is actually the best idea. I did this to get the cats out of my yard and a racoon pooping by ac.
  7. ‘23 Ranger on the way.

    But I just want my Maverick!. . .🤔. . .New ranger will definitely be sweet!
  8. What option would you want that wasn’t offered

    Less funkie interior.
  9. Confirmed: The Paint Sucks

    Will this be like the paint peal issue that Honda had and turned into recalls? Asking for a friend.
  10. Higher gas prices vs. spending thousands of $$ on a new car

    Most fuel efficient vehicles with a bed on the market. I want a vehicle with a bed.
  11. Many Ford Maverick Order Holders Don’t Know The Status Of Their Order

    Canada you have to ask the dealer. When you order Ford should set it up so you can receive updates. They should get your email directly if you want.
  12. Ford OEM Touchup Paint results on Maverick hood rock chips

    I'm more worried about chips on metal due to rust. Looks good op.
  13. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    The Maverick wins with the hybrid power train and price with it. Eco Boost Maverick wins as it looks like a truck with a little more truck bed space then Santa Cruz. If you want more SUV like and don't care about fuel economy the Santa Cruz is perfect. There were 3 Santa Cruz sitting at...
  14. Had a test drive today

    Nice. My first Maverick drive will be with the one I ordered. I did get to sit in one but not drive as a customer purchased it already.
  15. I'm curious . . .could paint color affect when produced?

    Manufacturer do it differently but the spray robots will usually purge between vehicles. So they can spray whatever colour they want each vehicle. This give them flexibility. If you go look at the maverick production promotional video on YouTube there is a silver bronco behind a blue Maverick...
  16. here is how dealer "GET" money from customer, and why you need to wait that long for a new vehicle

    I'm hopping for no shenanigans when mine comes in. Fingers crossed. . .
  17. Ford Reveals Most Popular Maverick Trim, Configuration and Customers

    Makes sense. I keep seeing Area 51 Mavericks driving around. . . Unless its the same one each time. Lol
  18. Keep Maverick Truck Club Fun!

    Hold on wait a minute, this is a forum about a truck? . . .I thought we were a bunch of Top Gun : Maverick movie super fans!. . .well then. . .