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  1. Production Purgatory

    Mine was built on 5/24 which is my mothers birthday as well oddly enough. So I’ll never forget my truck’s birthday.
  2. Production Purgatory

    I was in the same boat. I wonder how close our two trucks were down the assembly line? I think I was 36 out of 2900 or something.
  3. Source for fuses (nice assortment / options / choices)

    I hate the box style with the window you can’t check them with them installed. Plus you always break the clear window trying to get them out.
  4. Aftermarket tires: speedo calibration non-issue, very interesting info and GPS pictures

    What app on your phone are you using? I like the graphics of it.
  5. Hybrid AWD Maverick in 2023?

    Ford Authority just had an article about them testing a Bronco Sport Hybrid AWD so I think it’s gonna happen just not sure when. I don’t see why not besides production issues because they can’t keep up with the orders they have now. So if they add that it will bring bring so many more.
  6. Production Purgatory

    Ok great I may call my dealer tomorrow to see if it’s still gonna happen soon. I’m told by the end of next month I should be driving my truck please god let it be true.
  7. Production Purgatory

    I hope this month is the last of the June orders. I’m one of those but mine is being produced. I’m told it’s built just waiting to be put on the rail and shipped.
  8. Tailgate light switch

    I plan on making my bed lights work with a mercury switch. The switch I got is from a patio heater so if the heater falls over the switch opens. So I’m going to place it in the tailgate so when the tailgate is flat it will close the switch turning on the lights. Then have a switch on the side so...
  9. Production Purgatory

    I was just told still in production but expected delivery is June 30.
  10. Production Purgatory

    I understand all the problems with producing anything nowadays but that is still no excuse for lack of information or just staying in touch with your customer base. I hope Ford learns from this. Very poor communication.
  11. Production Purgatory

    You can find him on the forum under vendors. Go to His email is under the Real Truck thread.
  12. Production Purgatory

    I’ve waited 11 months now so what’s one more to make it a full years wait. I got a tonneau cover ordered for it from Real Truck that is back ordered too. So who knows which will show up first. Real Truck by the way gives a great discount to our members. Alex is very quick to respond too. I went...
  13. Production Purgatory

    I had the same experience. Build week of 5/9 but showed in production 5/4 with out a date on Fords tracker. Then 5/17 showed date with in production status. My modules all PCM and BCM all went active that day. Now just hoping tomorrow I get the built email.
  14. Production Purgatory

    Is there a way to see the Vehicle Visibility Report or is it for dealers eyes only?
  15. Smart Mirror

    I see the clip on ones but dislike that the have so many wires going o it instead of just a single wire
  16. Smart Mirror

    It’s for an unrestricted view of the back of your car not thru the interior to the back of your car. So zero blind spots. I’m not looking for a dash cam that records or anything like that. Plus I would want it uploaded to anywhere else but locally and it’s you can find them in 4k but most are at...
  17. Smart Mirror

    I was thinking of trying to do something along these lines by using a 2015 and up 3rd brake light camera mount with a smart mirror. Does anyone have experience with these systems.
  18. Production Purgatory

    This reminds me of seeing the ultra sound from my children. My modules are alive so there’s a heartbeat. Another couple of weeks and I hope to get contractions meaning my baby is coming. 😃
  19. Production Purgatory

    Sadly still nothing yet on the modules. I’ll be checking all day now
  20. Production Purgatory

    Is that number really the build number. I thought it was but maybe not