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  1. October Hybrid Orders United

    Finally got the email! I'm the same. XLT with the hitch being the only option.
  2. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    Good write up on the Santa Cruz—thanks! I’ve seen them around. Definitely cool trucks. Looks like we’re in the same area. I live in Fletcher and ordered my Maverick from Four Seasons Ford (now Parks Ford) in Hendersonville. Still waiting.
  3. Major Issue with NEW Maverick

    Demand that the dealership give you a loaner while they investigate the issue! I knew we shouldn’t have ordered a first model-year vehicle.🤦‍♂️😂
  4. Hybrid towing experience

    Thanks for the write up. Very informative for those of us who will tow in the mountains with our hybrids. The fact that even with that climb you still got 21.5 mpg is outstanding.
  5. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    Wow- that’s a lot of miles! You must’ve gotten yours pretty early on. Great review!
  6. He sold his Tacoma and got a Maverick

    Same here--I'm on my 5th Tacoma now, trading it in on the Maverick as soon as it arrives. Back in 2005 when the 2nd gen Tacoma came out I was frustrated. Rather than go bigger, I had hoped they would offer a hybrid version, with the positive reception of the Prius. Well, it's been 17 years, but...
  7. Received my Maverick today - wrong door panel/handle (not complaining!) Better Pics

    How in the world did they miss that!? Your truck is pre-customized :)
  8. October Hybrid Orders United

    I noticed that too—I wonder if they do runs of a single color at the plant.
  9. Is an ADM common or not?

    NNJGUY, you might want to start a poll for owners who ordered theirs. Maybe the three options could be: MSRP or lower, 1-5k ADM, Over 5k ADM. I'd be curious to see the results. I live in a smallish town and my salesman has promised on three separate occasions to sell me the truck at MSRP +...
  10. Issues with Tracking Website?

    Anybody ever have issues with the tracking website? This week I got scheduled for the week of 6/13. Dealer gave me a VIN yesterday. When I entered it into the tracker yesterday, it worked great!:D Today, it doesn't pull up.😕 Has that happened to anyone else? This is the link I'm using.
  11. Would you have preferred this Maverick design?

    I like it! But I'm 1 out of 42 posts....
  12. October Hybrid Orders United

    Same here—my dealer was able to tell me VIN and build week of 6/13 for my 10/5 Hybrid XLT order. No email though. Also, the VIN worked in the tracker yesterday, but not this morning. Strange.
  13. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (4/25) For Production Build Weeks 5/30 – 6/20

    All right! Finally got a build date. Scheduled for week of 6/13. Originally ordered 10/5. Hybrid XLT with only option being a tow hitch. I didn't get an email; I was given the info by the dealer.
  14. New Ford email: Co-Pilot36 package, XLT Luxury package, and Lariat Luxury package face strongest constraints

    Well, I'm watching for this email, even though I don't have any constraints on my order. Post up when somebody gets the actual email.