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  1. When will Ford update my account?

    Picked mine up on March 17 and still no points. Dealer said Ford doesn't have a clue on what they're doing with Ford Pass.
  2. Help with keeping neighbor cats away

    We just trap them and take to SPCA and use their trap and release program. For about $80 they neuter or spay the cats and give them rabies shot and flea and tick shots and clip the tip of the ear to show animal control that the cat has been fixed. We bring them home and release them right where...
  3. Enable Rear View Camera when moving forward?

    I know Ford with a little software change can add a button to the touch screen to turn the camera on. The hardware is there, so it can be done and not cost $1000. I believe the F150 has that option with tow packages.
  4. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Hi. The molding I used was 1 inch in width. The center of the molding was exactly 7 inches from the ridge in the door sheet metal. Your local auto store should have wax and tar remover to clean the paint of anything that would keep the 3M tape from adhering. Then following that cleaning with the...
  5. Fender flare options

    Until they come up with a cheaper version, you can do what I did to the fender edge. Look carefully at the picture to see the Dawn Enterprises trim molding.
  6. Help with keeping neighbor cats away

    This should take care of the problem. Motion Sensor Black Bear Garden Sculpture | Bits and Pieces EDIT: My Grandmother kept the cats out of her gardens by spraying a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water.
  7. Enable Rear View Camera when moving forward?

    Has anybody figured how to enable the rear-view camera when moving forward? Would be helpful when the rear window is blocked with bed cover or tall loads.
  8. Powerful Oil Pan Drain Plug - Yes or No

    I read some members are seeing metal with oil changes. Would this plug help capture most of the ferrous debris?
  9. (Cause Discovered - Mice/Squirrel Chewed Rear Axle Wire Harness) 4800 Miles and Multiple Fault Alerts Have Gone Nuts!

    I used a Protector in all my doors and bed to prevent rust, but I also found out by accident that squirrels stayed away from the area I did the application on the truck. The squirrels were chewing the edge of my plastic picnic table, so I sprayed the...
  10. Buying tailgate assist in Canada

    Thanks for the link. Purchased one with a June 22 delivery date. Everything with the Maverick is delayed. :)
  11. toyota cuts production by 100,000 as car industry craters

    It's crazy times right now. The Toyota, Subaru and Ford lots in Hanover, Pa. are barebones.
  12. First oil change on Hybrid

    The same wrench that fits the Fram 3614. The Fram 3614 is widely used on Ford Vehicles.
  13. Paint Problem

    They are going to repaint her vehicle, but did you see the list of vehicles to paint. Their estimate is 8 to 20 months.
  14. First oil change on Hybrid

    I was wondering about the size of the factory filter. My lawn tractor has a larger filter. Is it a cost saving filter or is there something special about the design? Also, with the Fram 3614 filter, you can pour the whole 6 quarts of oil instead of the 5.7 recommended.
  15. Paint Problem

    Your correct about the sheet metal paint. Her roof and hood have lost most of the paint. All plastic and vertical surfaces look good.
  16. Paint Problem

    General comment not directed at you. No offence. Just making a point that vehicles built at different factories, with different painters, on different vehicles, gets back to paint supplier.
  17. Paint Problem

    My sister-in-law is working with Toyota to get her Highlander repainted. Pearl white paint that is pealing off in sheets. Toyota told her the sun is doing this to the paint. Look at the list of cars and tell me that's not bad paint. Dec 11, 2019 #1 To: All Toyota Dealer Principals, General...
  18. 1000 Mile Maverick Hybrid XLT Review (and I mostly hate it)

    Aside from adjusting my mirrors, when I pay for a safety product, I expect it to work or refund my money. The sensors are on the mirror housings, and I can't adjust them, and I certainly didn't write the software. Question - How can Toyota get the 360 packages right in 2016 on my RAV4 and Ford...
  19. First oil change on Hybrid

    The oil looked almost as good as the new oil. I used a new oil drain pan and no metal particles that I could see with my eyes. I started to peel open the filter, but what's the point, my Maverick is here to stay?