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  1. Crazy Canadian Markups

    Im not complaining - I didn’t pay a mark up, but someone will - hence why they do it. anyways - a local dealer has one of the biggest Canadian markups I’ve seen 15k. Insane!
  2. FordPass Alexa Skill - Not in Canada?

    I searched google, and no concrete answer. Searched the Alexa app and the online skill store. Ford simply doesn't exist. Has anyone seen a press release, or a reason why, Canada doesn't get the Ford Pass Alexa Skill? I want to yell at random tech and turn on the truck!
  3. First Maverick in Calgary, Alberta? XL 4K EB @ Crowfoot Ford

    My friend texted me (he works in the shop), they PDI’d their first Maverick late last night. This is Ford in NW Calgary. I took it out today. Drives like a small SUV, great size. Lots of room inside (6’2”) for me. The bed is smaller in person, that is for sure. It’s an XL, 4K, EB, 360 CoPilot...