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  1. Maverick Named One of 2022 Wards 10 Best Interiors & UX

    The design and layout of the Mav's interior is what most people appreciate about it, not so much the quality of materials. It's not the truck for Edward Scissorhands.
  2. Received my Maverick today - wrong door panel/handle (not complaining!) Better Pics

    I just went out and checked my XLT for a Lariat door panel. We're good.
  3. Ford Maverick Broke Down @ 128 Miles, Ford is giving me the run around.

    Good dealers have courtesy loaners. FCTP Ford Courtesy Transportation Program.
  4. I Have Stopped Reading the "My Mav Broke Down 2 Blocks Outside the Dealer" Postings and I Feel Fine!

    6 months almost 7000 miles on my XLT, not one issue to deal with. You'll be fine.
  5. First in the wild spotting, but doesn't make me feel good

    Ford is screening dealers to make sure the original ordering customer actually backed out if the truck was sold to someone else. If the dealer cannot prove it via refunded deposit and/or email from the ordering customer, the dealer will be penalized in the future supposedly
  6. My new maverick order is "smoking"

    CONGRATS ! How much over MSRP for the cigs ?
  7. Frankfort Ford stole my Maverick

    Sounds like a D-Bag dealership but you could have payed the Maverick off immediately if you were capable and wiling to pay cash anyway. The dealer would have gotten a charge back but you would not have been penalized, other than maybe one month of interest. At least you had a chance to purchase...
  8. Hello from Pennsylvania

    You can no longer order a 2022 Maverick, the 2023 Maverick order bank is supposed to open in August.
  9. Asked for price protection got called difficult and asked to leave.

    After you placed your Maverick order in November, did you contact your dealer and make any changes to your order ? If you made changes you would only be price protected from the date of edit, not the initial order.
  10. Ford Maverick Doubles Hyundai Santa Cruz Sales, Outsells Ranger in Q1

    I'm all for the execution of the Santa Cruz as well.
  11. Maverick Has Arrived. Chapman Ford Horsam Goes Full Scumbag

    It depends on the state your registering your vehicle. Not every states offers the trade tax credit. It has 0 to do with the dealership.
  12. Top speeds hit in EcoBoost?

    My XLT AWD is comfortable at all speeds. I can't help you regarding top speed reached though, that would be incriminating evidence left behind.
  13. $30,000 Lawn Ornament - I am LIVID

    Purchasing in the state you reside makes it simple, it wasnt' the greatness of your dealer.
  14. Welcome to my Maverick fuel tank recall nightmare.

    If it wasn't stalling before the recall "repair" , your Ford Dealer's service department is most likely at fault.
  15. This Ford Dealership apparently didn’t need my money.

    The quick and easy way this could have been handled (and is very common practice) was for the dealer to put you through the finance office and let you take delivery your Maverick (you would have left with a proper purchase order in hand) on a hold contract until receiving funds from your credit...
  16. Chevrolet is working on a new compact pickup truck for 2023 called the Montana

    Wow, another beautiful high quality piece from GM.
  17. Koons Ford are beyond scumbags

    I know several people who ordered vehicles from reputable dealers at MSRP and under, took delivery and then flipped them right away for $10K over. Are they scumbags too, or is that OK ?
  18. Dealer will not give me Vehicle Visibility Report or rail car number. Why?

    A good dealer will you keep you updated, but cannot control when you receive the product you ordered.
  19. Dealer will not give me Vehicle Visibility Report or rail car number. Why?

    I'm not sure what good the rail car number will do you anyway, unless you're planning a train robbery :)