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  1. When making your monthly payments through Ford Credit.

    If your looking to enroll into Auto Pay your due date will be the day your payment is drawn. If you like to pay it earlier say it was due the 27th and you want to pay it on 13th you will have to do it manually OR change your payment due date to whatever date you wish. This will become your new...
  2. Kellyblue Value . For fun I tried it out

    This is xlt eco boost , black and these were my trade and in value and private seller value . originally payed 23,503 out the door
  3. Lariat Owners with the bigger digital display cluster

    Can you show the digital speed odometer and mpg at the same time ?
  4. Mavericks get the Chicks

    Well the Chick -Fil- A that is!
  5. Got email for 3 month trial for Sirius X/M Radio

    If you plug in your phone it will find the app and it works . There’s no Sirius XM button in the truck but you can do it that way .
  6. Automatic stop brake info

    If you turn off your truck with auto stop brake button on it will be on when you start your truck again .Is this intended ? Also why didn’t they do this with the auto and stop feature ? They are literally right next to each other.
  7. FYI Post Delivery if you go back to the tracker

    It will say your truck been delivered I know the seems obvious but i thought it was neat. Its in red and you can longer track it.. Have good weekend!
  8. Can we talk about how Maverick is being sold at nearly double its MSRP?[]=ford&maximum_distance=all&mileage_max=&models[]=ford-maverick&page_size=20&sort=list_price_desc&stock_type=all&trims[]=ford-maverick-lariat&trims[]=ford-maverick-xl&trims[]=ford-maverick-xlt&ye...
  9. When going through a Mister Wash Drive through Car Wash

    Do i put on the breaks then switch to L. And when i get out of the wash do i put in N or Drive?
  10. Day 1 review First impressions Eco Boost 2.0 XLT

    1. I love the mode selector , sport, tow etc very cool . 2. Sound system bumps just fine so what people complaning about? Like how loud are people wanting it? Music sounds fine via Bluetooth on highway or city. 3.Plenty room , family easily fit. No USB port in the back... 4.Sport mode feels...
  11. How long did it take for dealership to contact you after arrival at dealer?

    Just got here today it is the weekend so I don't expect until Wednesday? How long did it take ?
  12. Thoughts on Lowering Your Maverick and custom builds.

    Will you be lowering your maverick> . This came to mind i was curious do you think we will see custom mavericks like this at more car shows?
  13. Does Maverick remind you of the Ford Ranger and Ford Explorer Trac?

    Is it me or do these 3 vehicles kinda look alike? Its kinda like the maverick is fusion of all 3?