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  1. Priority code 2. Now what?

    im pretty sure all current open orders from Jun- Sept. are a priority 2. with Lariats with Lux being scheduled 1st then Lariat without Lux, then XLT with Lux, then XLT without lux, then XL.
  2. Finally!!! Ordered 8/31/21 Arrived in N.E. Ohio on 5/25/22. It was worth the wait.

    Okay, mine was marked shipped on May 5th, so i guess it was a different train. looks like i still have some time to wait :( thank you for the info though
  3. Finally!!! Ordered 8/31/21 Arrived in N.E. Ohio on 5/25/22. It was worth the wait.

    that was your ETA, do you know what date it was marked as shipped after production? mine is on the way seeing if it was on the same train as yours and just have to wait for the truck to bring it to my dealer
  4. Back cubby on door

    i have that in my current vehicle (escape) i use it for an umbrella
  5. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    I Like those seats. where did you get those from?
  6. How did you spend your FordPass Rewards?

    I haven't gotten my truck yet, but once I do, I plan on using the point from this vehicle purchase as well as the points I received 2 years ago when I bought my Escape and use that towards a hard cover, not sure which one though.
  7. My favorite Maverick non - feature

    that memory seat thing not being there is a plus for me. i have accidentally hit that button getting into my 2020 Esacpe. once i shut the door and started the car the seat started moving i was like WTH!. imagine sitting in a car when you are 6'4 and then the seat starts scooting forward and...
  8. [Video] Maverick Hybrid Fake Engine Noise Comparison versus Noise Disabled

    the sounds it make is low speed or while in reverse is for the blind. so people who are visually impaired notice a car is coming. at speeds over 25mph the sound is off, because at that speed and the distance of hearing, if they heard it or not they will still get hit. i have this on my 2020...
  9. Ohio Roll Call

    Thanks, I was hoping it would beat the ETA date. doesnt seem like it.
  10. Ohio Roll Call

    i know the BMV knew that mine was a hybrid when that law came into effect. because i went to the BMV expecting to pay $56. and was shocked when they told me it was $156. the lady asked, " do you still want it?" i said "well yeah, i have to have it don't i?. what is why the state can get away...
  11. Ohio Roll Call

    after being marked as "Shipped", how long should I expect my truck to take to get to central Ohio?
  12. Ohio RA4G ramp location?

    my order tracker just switched to shipped. shows the origin as Wayne, Mi. are Columbus bound cars shipped to Michigan, before they are marked as shipped?
  13. Ohio RA4G ramp location? says my Mav is shipped. Origin: Wayne, Mi. did they ship the vehicle to Michigan for work before sending it to me?
  14. Widow Sticker Help... When will my Maverick be built?

    mine showed in production the week after i got the sticker. according to your sticker your is 173 out of 477. not sure if that is the week schedule or the days schedule though. if you search window sticker details, you can watch a video that explains what the different parts of the window...
  15. Ohio Roll Call

    Columbus here. ordered from Roush Ford on 9/03. still waiting on any news since then.