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  1. Businesses won't use Mavericks in their fleet???

    Down here in Florida there are widely being adopted for pool service vehicles, for 1 example.
  2. November Hybrid Orders United

    Ordered November 11. Hybrid XLT with no 360 but did order a moonroof. Recently dropped Spray-in-liner and changed color from Area 51 to Altos blue. Crickets.
  3. More than 1/3 of Maverick buyers under 44 years of age. And 60% come from other brands

    Volusia County resident here. Trucks are huge in Florida! To the OP's point, I'm downsizing from a 1/2 ton Ram.
  4. Hang tight or Jump Ship???

    11/11 order date here. Still hoping they get me in for 2022. I stopped by Mullinax Ford today and dropped the spray in liner from my order in the hopes it will improve my chances. Also changed the color to Altos blue from Area 51.

    Actually stepping down in size from a 2014 Ram 1500 to a hybrid Maverick. Not my first hybrid though. I also owned a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq and my wife has a 2020 Honda CRV hybrid.
  6. Can't Believe What My Dealer Told Me Today ... My Wait Could be 4-6 Months

    Same here. Talked to my dealer today and they said my order was switched to "balance out," which he said means we will probably have to reorder as a '23 in June. Getting a little apprehensive, as my buddy ordered a Bronco 2 years ago and still hasn't seen it!
  7. ⏱ No Maverick Scheduling Next Week (3/7)

    This is why I won't sell my Ram until the Maverick is in my greedy little hands. It will probably be June at this point. Ordered 11/13/21.
  8. From what are you coming from?

    My Maverick will replacing a 2012 Dodge Journey (bought used) and the 2014 Ram 1500 owned since new.
  9. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    Have seen 3 (not sure if hybrid or ecoboost) in the wild and 1 Ecoboost I test drove at Mullinax in New Smyrna Beach. Colors gray, orange and area 51 in the wild.
  10. 2024 Chevrolet Montana?

    Right? I ordered Area 51, XLT, hybrid and will have one of the most common trucks out there.:(
  11. 2024 Chevrolet Montana?

    Looks like something designed for the South American market. I agree, the Maverick's looks add to it's perception of truckiness. I wouldn't be caught dead in a Santa Cruz even thought it's a similar product.
  12. Cruise Control from Ford Motor Company

    Same here. I initially wanted an XL with cruise, but the interior is just nicer on the XLT and it won't hurt come resale time.
  13. Dumbest review of the day from

    Motorious is known for click bait, not indepth thoughtful journalism. And their comments about the sales figures?, Laughable and easily defeated.
  14. Mullinax Ford

    I'm constantly amazed at the misinformation out there.
  15. Mullinax Ford

    Wrong-O. I ordered from Mullinax in Kissimmee last month, but only after having already purchased a used car from them in September. No dealer fees on the last transaction and they promised no markup from MSRP on my Maverick.
  16. XLT DRLs

    Since when? They have been mandatory in Canada, but not in the USA unless something has changed since I bought my new 2019 Hyundai.
  17. Car and Driver instrument tested review: Maverick 2.0 AWD does 0-60 in 5.9 seconds!

    That's really fast! My 2002 Infiniti Q45 posted that exact same time when tested by car magazines, and was considered a super sedan for it in it's day.
  18. I need to vent

    You could be right about South Florida. I am a repeat customer at the Kissimmee store and ordered from them. Your idea is good: once we have a VIN and MSRP sheet I'll get a contract written up.
  19. I need to vent

    You bring up something interesting. Are there a lot of ADM's on these? I bought from Mullinax in Kissimmee because they will guarantee MSRP and no dealer fees.