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  1. Ordered a Maverick Hybrid 9 Months Ago. Should I buy it and sell it or just not take delivery?

    Keep your hybrid. You’ll never be sorry. 500 miles on my hybrid xlt love it. Averaging 49 mph.
  2. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    Received my hybrid Maverick a week ago. 350 miles on it a lot of people asking questions about it. Drives very nice and getting about 49 miles to the gallon. Mixed driving. I waited nine months for it. Well worth the wait. Bought it at Monticello Ford and they treated me very fairly. Would...
  3. Getting my velocity blue hybrid today

    Getting my velocity blue hybrid today, waited nine months. LXT with the luxury package
  4. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Ordered. Velocity blue hybrid XLT august seventh and expected to be delivered first week of April. Purchased at Monticello Ford(
  5. What age group Maverick buyer are you?

    eighty three and have 2011 ranger. Going to miss it.
  6. My Chapman Ford people: How long from “Shipped” to delivered did it take you?

    My velocity blue hybrid was shipped yesterday. Hope to see it around the first week in April. Bought at Monticello Ford. Ordered august seventh.
  7. Wisconsin Roll Call

    My Velocity Blue hybrid maverick is built probably a month Before I see it
  8. Wisconsin Roll Call

  9. Wisconsin Roll Call

    It’s a hybrid from last reply.
  10. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Mine is scheduled for this week. XLT with luxury package. Ordered from Monticello Ford August
  11. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Ordered mine august seventh at Monticello Ford XLT with luxury package. Scheduled for February twenty first,but moved back to March seventh.
  12. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Order mine august seventh at Monticello Ford. XLT luxury package. Scheduled for the week of February 21
  13. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Mine is scheduled for February 21. Velocity blue XLT with luxury package at Monticello Ford
  14. Hybrid Order Support Group

    Have a February 21 build date for axlt hybrid with luxury pack and 360. Ordered august 7.