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  1. Active Powered "All-N-One" Subwoofers

    I have the 10" version of the Rockford Fosgate self powered little sub in my current escape and it does an incredible job. P300-10. I used high level inputs from behind the Sync 3 unit and use the input sensing power on feature on the unit itself to tell it when to power on and off. I'm...
  2. Received my Maverick today

    Looks great and dog approved as well.
  3. How many Add-ons are you up to?

    I like that storage bin you have on the back wall.....what is it and where from?
  4. January 22 orders w/ CP360

    I ordered my FWD 2.0 XLT Lux/CP360 on January 23, 4 days prior to the order shut off. I haven't received that Email about removing options. Only Email I got was my order confirmation from Ford stating my order was confirmed about a week after I ordered. I got on Ford chat once and they see...
  5. How many Add-ons are you up to?

    It looks like a very high quality, well made kit. Nice welds on the can, nice finish, OEM quality fittings, The drain hose that nice black AN type fittings and drain cap. I think its worth the money. I can take some pics of it if you'd like but I figure you've seen it on posts here.
  6. Exterior black plastic panels fading from sunlight?

    I use the hybrid ceramic spray. You can use it on the paint like a wax/ceramic, all the black textured plastics and rubber, glass etc. It keeps the black plastics deep black and repels water like a freshly waxed paint. Lasts a long time too. Plus it makes it easier to do the whole car...
  7. How many Add-ons are you up to?

    Looks like I have 5 so far but its all just hanging out in boxes waiting for the truck to'll be a FWD 2.0 EB XLT Lux with CP360. A Ford escape 2.0 EB engine cover and OEM mounts/ball studs for it A Bushers catch can kit A full LED Lastfit bulb kit (all the bulbs in one kit) A ford...
  8. Just got my alto blue

    Nice. That's the same one I have on order. Looks good
  9. Maverick lowered on Escape springs, with 20" Rohana RFX5 wheels

    These Mavericks look so good with a lowered/street look with wider tires. Like it
  10. Magnaflow exhaust installed on 2.0 Ecoboost Maverick this weekend

    looks good. Now the obvious question....any videos of the sound?
  11. Inventory Search

    The inventory search is kinda a false hope for the most part. Not all dealerships show every one of the vehicles that come in. I know none of the few Mavericks that come in every week at my local dealer show up on that search but some other dealers within my 100 mile radius do show. The...
  12. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    And this is why we can't have nice things. But wow, I'm glad everyone is ok!
  13. Not the maverick yet but a fresh clay and ceramic coat on Escape

    Thanks. I do a few vehicles out the garage on my time off to make extra side hustle money during the summer on my days off. But Florida is a little far. That escape is good for us though....she drives mostly stop and go 7 miles one way to work every day and it gets about 42/43 mpg. Same...
  14. Not the maverick yet but a fresh clay and ceramic coat on Escape

    Detailed the wife's 2020 Escape hybrid titanium. Iron decontamination, clay, ceramic coat. Paint, glass, plastics, etc. Can't wit to get my hands on my Maverick whenever it comes in to do the same.
  15. Ecoboost Engine Cover Clarification

    Thanks. Ordered the parts yesterday to add to my growing pile of mods sitting in boxes waiting.
  16. More than 1/3 of Maverick buyers under 44 years of age. And 60% come from other brands

    well I ordered mine when I was 44 but am now 45 so I guess I kinda fit in...might be 46 by the time I get it Ive always bought Fords though so there's that.
  17. [Debunked] Maverick Production Halted for Two Months - Per Ford Customer Service

    I got the same response from a chat agent this morning. I try to be nice and polite to them, I'm sure they deal with enough angry people all day as it
  18. Got my Maverick

    Nice. Thats the same day I ordered. Nothing but order confirmation so far. Congrats!!