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  1. Texas Custom flat bottom carbon fiber steering wheel 550

    I have a custom made carbon fiber steering wheel for sale, I was going to used it but it’s way to nice for a work truck. Has orange stitch to match the xlt trim flat bottom and custom grip. Plus shipping or free pick up in dfw
  2. Texas Sold: Set of edge titanium wheels 19” will fit the maverick perfect 250.00

    SOLD sold sold. I have a set of 2020 Ford Edge titanium wheels they are 19” 5x108 they will look great on the maveric, asking 250 for the set I will ship at buyer expense 75-150 depending where you are, one wheel has a small scra done by the tire machine the reset in great shape. I’m in dfw
  3. Drop in bed liner installed better than expected!

    I just finished the drop in bed liner on one of my trucks and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it its, I’m not a fan of the drop in but this one surprised me, I’m not going to let my trucks get pass the warranty period so having a drop in works great to transfer it to the replacement...
  4. Sold: Xlt wheels available for sale SOLD SOLD SOLD

    I just put a set of xlt wheels on the for sale forum if anyone is looking to upgrade the steel wheels
  5. Texas Sold: Set XLT wheels for sale 450.00

    I have a set of xlt wheels for sale perfect for the xl with the steel wheels I’m in dfw I can ship them if needed shipping is usually from 60-125 (I have a comercial Acc) depending where your located. They are in perfect shape they only have 300 miles on them. SOLD SOLD SOLD!
  6. Custom carbon fiber steering wheel

    I’m having a custom steering wheel done in carbon fiber and flat bottom just about ready I got a pic from the builder can’t wait to install it. Over the years I found one of my favorite mods is the feel of a good steering wheel on my hand, not cheap but well worth it to me. After thinking about...
  7. Frameless & wireless homelink mirror installed

    I just installed a frameless Homelink mirror that is wireless install as simple as bolt on bolt off 20 torx screwdriver all is needed, is actually a Toyota part I found mine on a google Search for 80 bucks out the door prices are all over the place. There are no wiring necessary As the home link...
  8. Range Rover Evoque wheels installed for perfect fit!

    I had an old set of evoque wheels from the wife’s old car and I decided to try them on, they fit perfec! they are 18x8 and it fits flush to the fender no problems all. They look like the lariat wheels with a concave to them really like them.
  9. OEM Bed Cubby installed on XL - pics & part number: NZ6Z-60286A72-A [Updated w/ DIY writeup]

    I order the cubby for the bed last month,and it’s finally here I will install it later but here’s some pics and part # not bad for 45 buck. Update: Well I finally got the bed cubby in for my lx, but it will work for any of the maverick left or right side same part #, is a 20 min job if you can...
  10. Got 600 miles on full tank... Hybrid Maverick rocks!

    Here’s my results of a tank full on my work truck most of it was highway driving about 80/20 split, I don’t have time to mess around since is a work truck absolutely impressed with the maverick I got 600 miles on a tank full eco mode and fill up was 13.4 gallons.
  11. Texas Sold: Bronco sport wheels and tires and tpms 500

    have a set of take off bronco sport wheels and tires and tpms for sale I’m dfw/ Frisco tx local pick up, but I will drive up to 2hr if it helps
  12. Texas Sold: Bronco sport wheels 300

    Have a set of bronco sport wheels collecting dust need them gone I’m in dfw, I can ship at your expense usually 75-150 depending where you are set of 4 no tpms
  13. Texas Sold: Bronco Sport Badlands wheels and Falken tires take off will fit Maverick

    I have a brand new set of take off with less than 500 miles on them with sensors and Falken tires I’m in DFW asking 750.00 for them, you can contact me via text at 214 7287477
  14. All weather floor mats on the cheap pics!

    I found out the front floor mats for the scape, bronco sport, and maverick are the same, so I found a set of all whether Viwik mats for the scape for 56 bucks on EB they are the same material as weather tech (hard plastic) and they fit great it comes with front and rear but the rears won’t fit...
  15. Bronco Sport wheels on a Maverick LX - pics!

    found A take off set of bronco sport wheels and my buddy Chris installed them on his LX, what a difference! it transformed the look of his truck.. Perfect fit , but the lug nuts are a different size from the bronco sport (12mm) to the Mavericks (14mm) so you will have to used your lugs.
  16. How good is the factory bed liner, I’m glad I deleted it from my truck!

    I just watch a video of a factory bed liner being removed from a F150, not impressed at all the quality and prep work Is not up to my standards. Line x will be my choice for sure. I’m glad I deleted it from my built few weeks ago and my hybrid truck just got a built day 11/8
  17. Texas Sold: Bronco sport wheels and tires for sale dfw

    I have a set take off from the wife’s bronco sport with less than 500 miles on them, I’m in DFW area 450.00 obo , they will work great on the lx Mavericks SOLD!,
  18. Back seat folding design

    The only thing I’m not liking about the Maverick is how the back seat folds up , its seems that they could have done a better job like the Ridgeline.
  19. Bronco sport wheels on the Maverick

    I have a set off wheels and tires from the wife’s bronco Sport I’m thinking of use them on the Maverick xl and use the steel as spares anyone else thinking of doing this there are a bunch of take off sets out there