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  1. BIG change in Gas Milage MPG after 4K miles w/ 2.0L EcoBoost

    I’ve been averaging around 31.5mpg on my digital display on my 2.0EB XL, so I’m guessing I’m about 30-30.5mpg based on previous readings. I’ve been using eco mode and really babying it (accelerating and braking slowly, trying to keep it between 40 and 70 as often as possible) to see what I can...
  2. Higher gas prices vs. spending thousands of $$ on a new car

    My Maverick only gets an average of 1-3mpg better than my 2011 Ford Fusion, but I’m not comparing savings against that vehicle because I really wanted a truck. Instead, I’m comparing against other trucks. Right now I would be doing well to get into a well-used base model crew cab Nissan...
  3. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    I like the Santa Cruz and think it’s a very cool Ute. Might have crossed shopped one too, if it weren’t for the fact that Hyundai seems to be focusing on the higher-end of the market (35k+). I got a Maverick XL EB FWD with the only options being a tow hitch and moonroof, which was cheaper than...
  4. The Quirky Faceted Dashboard - I Love It

    The XL’s interior is a bit more subdued. I like it, the dark blue offsets the black and dark grey nicely, and the design work itself make something hard and cheap look fun and interesting. The XLTs interior is brighter, but I’m not really a fan of the orange accents. I do like the Lariat’s color...
  5. So, I was sitting at a stoplight today beside a Ram truck.... :-)

    I haven’t had anyone say something like this, but I did have a guy flag me down after getting out of my truck and ask “how long did you wait for that Maverick??” So I told him and we struck up a conversation. He had a lifted ‘99 Tacoma and was super interested in ordering a Maverick in August...
  6. Reviews by "experts"

    The one thing I’ve noticed with a lot of these “expert” reviews is that they fail to see the value proposition because their perspective is skewed towards higher-trim models on everything. They get to drive around 45,000 dollar versions of cars that sticker for 26,000 bucks for the base model...
  7. 15K Miles Review and Stuff I Hate

    Man, I hate that I can’t always be this positive! Great post! Those MPGs making me a little jealous, although the last tank on my EB got me over 28 measured at the pump. Seems like no matter which engine you get, you win with the Mav!
  8. May 2022 Car and Driver issue has Maverick article w/ comparison against Civic [tested numbers]

    I’ve almost always driven small-to-midsize cars, mainly because I commute and work in the city. Also - I like smaller cars that are fun to drive. To this day my 2012 Mazda 3 that I bought new has been my favorite vehicle I have ever purchased. 35-40mpg and would absolutely thrash a backroad...
  9. Ram 1200 small pickup rumored on its way to fight Ford Maverick

    I strongly suspect RAM would redesign the truck to have more appeal. One thing to note: The entry and departure angles look great, so this would work really well as a small off-road vehicle. As it stands, the Maverick is kinda billed as a "city" truck and the Santa Cruz is straight up a...
  10. Don't ruin it for the old guys!

    I'm a millennial... But I identify as a boomer. If anyone needs me, I'll be driving my Maverick back and forth to work every day while providing for my wife and child and generally living out the American dream.
  11. Would you have preferred this Maverick design?

    That image, I don’t like for a variety of reasons. But conceptually, I don’t hate it. I think if you decreased the rake in the hood, increased the size of the lights, made a more aggressive grille that descended to the lower fascia (like the current design), and widened the wheel arches and the...
  12. 1970s Freewheeling Maverick Makeover

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude. Freakin' love it.
  13. Maverick size compared to Subaru Baja

    So you got the cool and intriguing car-truck thing and the cool and intriguing crossover-truck thing. I strongly suspect you're a cool and intriguing person. :cool:
  14. FordPass Reward Points Redeemed without my knowledge or consent

    So I didn’t know about the FordPass Reward Points until after I purchased my Mav, and was excited to use the points on a bed mat or a drop in liner. Today I opened the app to see that ALL of my 42,000 points had been “redeemed” for a maintenance plan - after I already purchased the 36,000 mile...
  15. If you had a chance to order again what would you change?

    Don’t think I’d change much. I thought I’d regret getting the EB with FWD-only but the reports of ludicrous wheelspin at any speed have been greatly exaggerated. You have to actively try to be a hooligan to break it loose.
  16. "Cute" "Little" truck?

    After reading this post, I was walking back to my truck in my work parking lot and honestly, it’s not that small. It’s about the same overall height as most midsize crossovers and a little bit longer. I got behind an older Ranger the other day and the Mav is definitely bigger. As to whether or...
  17. Maverick with Flag

    I like it!
  18. Bagged Maverick build updates

    This is some fantastic work! This isn’t really my “bag,” but the amount of work and care in this really sets it apart. Much respect.
  19. White Powder Coat Steelies

    Oh man, I love the steelies. It’s one reason I actually did not opt for the XLT. My wife would probably kill me but the white powder coat would look great with my velocity blue XL…
  20. Received my Velocity Blue Lariat and had a good dealer experience

    Congrats on the car, the dealer experience, and impeccable taste in color! ;)