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  1. Android Auto wireless??

    And I thought you were stuck until you unplugged the phone. Sure be nice if the guy at rhe dealer had a clue how things worked.
  2. Upgrade to 4k lb towing?

    With enough money a custom shop would oblige.
  3. Man, I want to love it…..

    1992, should I buy a minivan or sedan? Got the minivan and had it 10 years. Traded when it self destructed. Then Jetta TDI then 4 in a succession of Mini Coopers and now the Mav. I've been all over. Mav seems to be a keeper as well. 6200 miles and counting.

    Mine is a velocity blue, but her name is George.
  5. Lariat Lux Orders

    Ordered one 11/20/21. Still waiting on date. Picked one up 12/15/21 from a refused order. I believe it was built around 11/12/21.
  6. It’s arrived

    Congrats. Happy Motoring. Feeding the beast in Canada is expensive.
  7. Isn't she pretty??

    Nice! Happy Motoring.
  8. Plug in Conversion?

    I consider the battery and everything needed for the conversion a part that is needed. Didn't think it would be cheap or a small number of parts. Shouldn't have to guess much as the Escape has a functioning system.
  9. Which Harbor Freight Trailer for the Hybrid

    My buddy and I put 13-inch wheels and tires on a Harbor Freight trailer to tote kayaks to the shore. They fit after we raised the fenders. 5 lug original trailer so the conversion was easy.
  10. Glendale fire department has one in a fire drill video

    Good video, I hope a lot of residents participate. Could save a bunch of lives.
  11. Plug in Conversion?

    You could always get the Escape parts and put them in the Maverick. Forscan and half your bed will be your friend.
  12. I wish they had THIS color green!!

    Any car, Any color $99.99.
  13. Got my Maverick

    Nice luck and fast. I ordered 11-20-22 and still no news. I got lucky and picked up a refused order at MSRP. Same as ordered but VB instead of CO, and the VB had a moonroof. Picked it up mid December.
  14. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Hope it's repairable. Should be a lot faster than waiting for a 2023.
  15. Kydex Console tray

    Good show!!
  16. Maverick with 1.5” SST Lift + Black Rhinos & Cooper AT3s

    You gained about a 1/2 inch from the axels and diffs.
  17. The wait is over!

    Congrats and Happy Motoring. A51 is good, but VB is better.
  18. I picked up my Maverick today.

    Congrates and Happy Motoring.
  19. CURT Bolt On Hitch for Maverick (rated to 4,000 lbs)

    Good luck, hope it works out for you. Quite a caravan you'll have.
  20. Maverick Truck Club/Maverick Tumblers

    I love my white one. Coffee every morning. Fits the shopping cart as well. Thanks for providing them.