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  1. Dear Ford - the folks manning your customer call lines are awesome!

    With all the Ford bashing going in here, I'd like to just send out a bit of praise for the great people manning the order status lines. I call once a month, and I've never had a bad experience. There's always a friendly, supportive voice at the other end. They always tell me how great my truck...
  2. Production Purgatory

    I was just watching the weekly Autoline After Hours webcast today. These guys are automotive insiders in a big way. They observed that most of the automakers really, really suck at customer communications (They were also talking about how customers can game the reservations because they're...
  3. Future of Ford Maverick 2023 (AWD Hybrid)

    I know nothing more than any other member of this forum, because I'm not a Ford engineer or product planner. So this is my WAG. If I were pushed to suggest a possible reason why you don't see a hybrid AWD, I'd posit it's because of engineering limitations. That hybrid battery and system takes...
  4. Ford enforcing stricter Order Name Matching Policy on dealers [Bulletin Added]

    I think the Ford split is gonna really help customers. Buy direct from Ford. Take delivery at your dealership. Assuming you're cool with a BEV. Note the second-to-last paragraph below. And the usual caveat that this is just an announced plan for now. And that your current Ford dealership may not...
  5. Man, I want to love it…..

    I always wanted a Mini. If the Mini BEV had just another 50 miles range and AWD, I'd be all over that. I had a friend who owned a Mini and he always had a smile getting out of it.
  6. Man, I want to love it…..

    I'll cross shop very different vehicles with the Maverick because my real need is not so much for a truck as a shorter AWD vehicle. I've looked at dramatically different MSRP, different lengths, etc. Everything from a Kona AWD, to a Santa Cruz, to a Bronco Sport, to a Defender 90, to an ID4 AWD...
  7. Man, I want to love it…..

    The Telluride is 4 inches shorter than the Maverick.
  8. Keep Maverick Truck Club Fun!

    I think the moderators do a great job. A few weeks back I was flagged by someone on the other side of the aisle who was offended by what I thought was a funny political jibe about where to find somebody's missing Maverick. The moderator sent me a polite warning to keep politics out. And I'm 100%...
  9. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Facts matter. That's a Tesla, which is NOT an SAE certified autonomous vehicle, despite the very deceptive advertising. Tesla "autopilot" is a human monitored system, which means those highly publicized accidents, every one of them, is another arrogant human being killing another human being by...
  10. Inventory Search

    You got sucked in by phantom inventory. You'll see the same thing on CarGurus and almost every online site. Those are almost certainly customer orders in the pipeling. Dealers are banging their heads on the desk out of frustration because they're being inundated with calls for Mavericks they...
  11. Never Knew How Much I Would Love ACC

    Ford's Blue Cruise and GM Super Cruise are even better. They don't even require your hands on the wheel. IR eye sensors verify you're keeping alert and your eyes on the road. Bummer we can't get Blue Cruise on the Maverick. I'd have paid for it (expensive).
  12. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Autonomous vehicles can't arrive soon enough for me. I'm not interested in blaming A or B. Humans are humans, and humans are incredibly fallible. The best of us make errors in judgement. I can't wait to set an address in my garage, sit back to watch a movie or take a nap, and hear a ding when I...
  13. $23-25,000 Ranger Hybrid—Hypothetical

    I'd be more interested in the redesigned (new platform) 2023 Ranger BEV, depending on the cost. Remember Ford is eligible for a $7,500 federal BEV rebate. If they're selling the BEV F150 Lightning today at $40,000 base, I'm guessing the Ranger would be a bit less. Say $35,000? So drop the $7,500...
  14. Sour Apple Green Color Maverick Spotted

    My dad brought home a lime green Mustang 50 years ago. As a 12 year old I thought it was super cool. 50 years might have changed my reaction a bit.
  15. Ford gives Maverick official slogan: "MAKE IT WITH MAVERICK"

    "Make it with Maverick" is so ripe with opportunity for misinterpretation... I immediately envision the neighbors averting their eyes.
  16. Frustrated/tired

    Newspapers, television stations, and politicians are all in the pockets of NADA and local dealers. Lobbyists, campaign contributions, and advertising dollars work magic. Slimy dealerships still exist because they buy protection. You know, like the Corleone family. Same concept.
  17. Sour Apple Green Color Maverick Spotted

    How do you tell a great wrap from a paint job? I've seen a few wraps that I would swear are paint, but I'm not all that detail-oriented. I'm curious what the telltales are.
  18. Frustrated/tired

    As ex-military, one of the life lessons I took from a Vietnam SEAL friend (a true hero) was: "Sometimes the militarily sound choice is to just run away".
  19. Anyone in Charlotte

    Be careful about that. A declined Maverick order belongs to the dealership, not the customer. I would want a signed sales contract from that dealer before I handed $1,000 in cash to the original order holder. Most dealers in NC (not all) are charging big markups for the rare stock or declined...
  20. Any September Ecoboost with Lux and Co-Pilot with build date?

    I have a 3 Sep order for XLT with Eco, CP360, and SIBL. Called Ford yesterday and they told me in the nicest way possible to go pound sand. I know my medium size dealer had 50 or so orders, and I expect I'm #49. I'd feel sorry for myself except there are people here who ordered months ahead of...