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  1. What is this?

    I just found this on the floor mat on the driver's side... Any clue what this is and/or where it goes? I added a quarter as a reference for the size.
  2. Pin stripe?

    At first I thought this was a pin stripe... Then I realized he didn't nifty tie downs on the tail gate. It is a tie down strap wrapped around the tail gate. He also must not have a remote to unlock his tail gate since it looks like the handle was frantically ripped off the truck. Points go to...
  3. A good start to the week

    I took a different route to work this morning. I went through a Whataburger to grab a quick breakfast. I saw another Maverick parking at the HEB. Didn't get to meet the driver, he had gone into the store before I got out of the drive thru. The guy at the window was asking questions about my...
  4. Ford Patents In-Bed Magnets To Keep Your Pickup's Cargo In Place

    From an article on Jalopnik :
  5. Camera protection - Rain-X or lip covering?

    I get it... Lots of folks don't like the camera. Personally, I don't think it is all that bad. However, I wish it was protected better from the rain. Has anyone tried putting Rain-X on it or added a lip to protect it? It definitely needs something. It is pretty exposed, more so than I have had...
  6. I got the moonroof so I wouldn't have to worry about taco crumbs.

    .... someone said they can also be used to store sunglasses.
  7. Just got my Ford REV hard roll up bed cover.

    I picked up the tonneau cover I ordered from Ford. Pretty straight forward to install. I like the look and it is very solid. One thing to consider... I have three 2x4s stacked in front of the tail gate.. ( cause I had some 2x4s handy when I got my truck) ... Something to be aware of. When you...
  8. Finally saw another Mav in town

    It was a white XL that someone was using as a work truck. It had a bunch of traffic cones in the back. I think over time we will see a lot of them that way.
  9. Tinted windows and rock chip in windshield

    Yesterday I got a rock chip in my windshield... arrgg!! Oh well, I had an appointment to get front windows tinted this morning at Tint World and thought I would see about get the chip fixed... They no longer have a "chip guy" .. must be a special skill. The guy who did my windows did a good...
  10. New cubby hole addition....

    Just added a compass to the cubby hole.. now I will never get lost. 😉
  11. Saw another Maverick in Hutto, Texas

    I finally saw another Maverick. I have had mine for 2 full months and have yet to see one on the road. Nice to know there is another out there. Whoever owns the Cactus Grey that still has the tag from Maxwell... Nice truck! I saw your truck at the HEB near Star Ranch.
  12. Alto Blue with matte black tailgate letters

    I added matte black letters and made the trim around the Ford emblem matte black. I also added window vents a while back so I included a picture of that as well.
  13. Added a switch in my cubby hole