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  1. Modding your Sync3 - Changing the background image.

    Did a little molding to the radio on my Maverick today, turned out ok. Changed the background image. Now to create some more so inhale something to switch between. Thoughts?
  2. Sync 3 Navigation

    Has anyone added Sync 3 Navigation to their Maverick? I have a Lariat Lux inbound and would like to add it if possible but don’t want to spend the $1200 I’m seeing from Infotainment. Has anyone successfully added navigation and if you have would you post what parts you purchased and where from?
  3. Difference in the XLT radio and the Lariat radio?

    What the difference in the XLT radio and the Lariat radio? Do they have the same functions? Does the XLT radio have satellite radio.
  4. Rear Seat Delete?

    No kids in the house so not really a need for a back seat, would really like to see a rear seat delete get produced for the Maverick. Something like what is shown in this link. Rear Seat Delete
  5. South Dakota Maverick Owners

    Anyone in South Dakota taken delivery or have a Maverick on order?
  6. Rhino Lining Maverick's Body Panels

    I currently live 3 miles down a dirt road. My Ram has gotten pretty beaten up along the bottom edge and backs of the wheel wells, it has no film or anything to protect the paint from rocks. With that said, my girlfriends vehicle does have a film along the bottom edge and after three years of...
  7. Leg room for 6'4"

    Question if anyone knows. I am 6’ 4” and really considering a Maverick since it’s costing me $90 a week to fill up my Ram. Is the Maverick going to be comfortable? I sat in a Ranger with the seat down and all the way back and it seemed ok, may go back and test drive it since they are “similar”...