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  1. Retrax XR and Elevate Rack System [Group Buy]

    I have been looking at this setup for a while now. Sent you guys an e-mail and PM this morning
  2. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    Got her clay bar'd and ceramic coated. I have to say this paint is amazing. The clay bar and ceramic really brought out the flake in it. Of course, the weather is trash here today, but as soon as it's nice out again I will get some good pics.
  3. Ohio Roll Call

    The dealership sent me pics of my truck. They are installing a couple of accessories (hood protector and window deflectors) and I will pick her up tomorrow. I will get about 600 miles on her before I get home on Friday. I can't wait!!
  4. Ohio Roll Call

    I ordered in July, but I didn't get my widow sticker before the price increase. It was my understanding that you had to receive the window sticker before the price went up to get price protection. That is also what Chapman told me. The difference was small for me so I wasn't all that worried...
  5. Ohio Roll Call

    I finally got the e-mail that my truck is in. It arrived at the dealership (Chapman Ford in PA) this morning. I am hoping to be able to get out there this Friday to pick her up. I don't know if I updated the group the changes I made from my original order. It is now a Cyber Orange, Lariat Lux...
  6. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    I am thinking about getting some retro-style graphics (with a bit of an updated flair), similar to the ones on the 70s, F-100. I have been searching for good pics, but haven't found anything other than this one. Does anyone have any thoughts or better pictures of these older trucks?
  7. Hello from Sarnia Ontario, Canada!

    Congrats Man, that's a beautiful truck. On a side note, I visited Sarnia, pre-covid. Had a great time there... especially atThe Refined Fool!
  8. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    Those ones are $499 from Ford. and currently $399 from RealTruck.
  9. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    That looks amazing!! Even better than I imagined. Thank you for sharing the pics!
  10. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    Does anyone have any picture of a Cyber Orange Mav with either of the fender flares installed? I think the black would break up the orange, but they aren't cheap and I don't want to drop the cash on them if they don't look right.
  11. Jan 31 Build week folks

    I ordered on 7/12; Lariat Lux Hybrid, this is my first scheduled week, keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't change, but I am mentally prepared for it to change.
  12. Sold: Bronco Sport Wheels (Dayton, OH), Pirelli Scorpion Tires

    I have decided to go a different route and wanted to offer these up to someone who might be interested. They came off of a neighbors car when it had less than 50 miles on it. I have not run them on anything. I tired them on my Thunderbird, but they are a little too tall. I also have a set of...
  13. Custom Wheel Center Caps

    I measured the center caps off of the bronco sport wheels I got, The sticker surface is 50mm
  14. Custom Wheel Center Caps

    Probably just operator error on my part. I ordered a set, so whenever they get here I'll have to let you know the quality of them
  15. Custom Wheel Center Caps

    I contacted them last week because there was nothing "Maverick" on their website, and I sent them that image to see if they could make them... apparently, they can, Awesome
  16. Custom Wheel Center Caps

    I found a nice set of takeoff Bronco sport wheels that I picked up for my Maverick since I don't like the stock lariat wheels. The wheels came with the Bronco center caps, but I am trying to find someone who can make some custom ones or some nice high-quality stickers. I am looking to get the...
  17. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    What wheels are those ones... they almost look the same color as these bronco sport ones.. and they look really good on the cyber orange color. .
  18. Ohio Roll Call

    Yeah, I was hoping they were coming this way next, but no luck. I saw somewhere that a carbonized gray one was spotted heading south in Toledo, maybe they are coming this way. If I hear anything I will definitely let you all know.
  19. Anyone else scared to sell their current vehicle this soon?

    My 16 year old daughter drive a Jeep TJ 5 speed, and my son is looking for something with a manual as well. They're getting hard to find though.
  20. Anyone else scared to sell their current vehicle this soon?

    My Jeep just went live on Cars and Bids today. I feel like the market is too hot right now and I don't want to miss out. Im going to get to see a Maverick in person soon so I can feel more confident about my order, but I figure I'll find something is the Mav doesn't work out. My biggest concern...