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  1. Dealer Reccommended Removal of Full-Size Spare

    This morning, I received a call from my salesman. He said they had received an email from Ford stating the full-size spare option is causing builds to be delayed and recommended that I drop it. I gave him my approval to remove it from my order. With the removal of the Co-Pilot 360 option last...
  2. Finally Spotted One In The Wild

    I've seen three Mavericks on dealer lots, but before today, I'd never seen one out on the highway. Nice looking ride, Alto Blue...maybe I'll have my Cactus Gray in a few months.
  3. 10 Things To Do While You Wait For Your Ford Maverick

    1. Watch your grass grow 2. Get that knee replacement surgery you've been putting off 3. Rearrange your paper clip collection 4. Train a cat (or a team of cats) to fetch your slippers 5. Go on a mission trip out of the country for at least a month 6. Read the complete works of Mark Twain 7. Put...
  4. Do 12V Outlets Shut Off With Switch?

    I would like to use a dashcam when I get my Maverick. Most of the cheap cams, even if they have an internal battery, will automatically shut off when power is cut off via the cable. In my 2015 Ford Escape, the 12V outlet remains on when the engine is shut down. I have to connect and disconnect...
  5. Dealer Installed Trailer Hitch?

    She's a beaut', Clark! :)
  6. This Might Take A While, But Thankfully I'm In No Rush

    I'm new to this forum...haven't ordered a Maverick yet. I'm the sort of person who wants to look at a vehicle, sit down in it, and maybe even take a ride in it before I commit to spending $25,000+ to buy one. I do know a guy who bought one who lives an hour or so away from me. I may have to...