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  1. Tired of getting pulled over!

    My Maverick gets more attention and questions than my pristine 1970 AMC AMX. The Maverick also gets three times the gas mileage as the AMX!
  2. 2,134 miles. 26.3 mpg overall. 71 mph moving average speed. 2.0L EcoBoost XLT Lux AWD FX4 Co-Pilot 360

    I use the least expensive fuel I can find at a reputable dealer. Premium fuel actually has a slightly lower energy per unit rating than regular. I'm not overjoyed with the auto start/stop. It too often shuts off at the exact same instant the light turns green. I turn it off sometimes. I wish...
  3. 2,134 miles. 26.3 mpg overall. 71 mph moving average speed. 2.0L EcoBoost XLT Lux AWD FX4 Co-Pilot 360

    Well, I never got over 17 mpg on the highway with my '06 Nissan Frontier V6 and never got over 16 mpg under any conditions with my '09 Toyota Tacoma 4 cyl. My last car, an '11 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 4-cyl would get 22-24 mpg on the highway, so I'm pretty happy to get 26 with the Maverick...
  4. 2,134 miles. 26.3 mpg overall. 71 mph moving average speed. 2.0L EcoBoost XLT Lux AWD FX4 Co-Pilot 360

    Overall mileage readout (never reset) shows 25.8 mpg. Most of my driving is suburban, 3 to 5 miles/day (I'm retired), with speed limits between 25 and 45 mph. Currently at about 4.600 miles total.
  5. Trailer brake programming Recall 22S17

    I do not know. We were so glad to get it back just in time for our planned road trip that I didn't stop to ask many questions!
  6. 2,134 miles. 26.3 mpg overall. 71 mph moving average speed. 2.0L EcoBoost XLT Lux AWD FX4 Co-Pilot 360

    Just got back from a drive from Mesa, AZ to Canyon Lake (San Antonio area), TX. 2,134 miles round trip including a lot of driving in small towns and some in-city, with the majority still being on I-10 where the speed limit varies between 65-80 mph. Everything went swimmingly well. No problems or...
  7. Trailer brake programming Recall 22S17

    It took them three days, but they got it fixed. Just returned from a 2,000+mile road trip with no ptoblems.
  8. Wireless Android Auto / Apple CarPlay made simple.

    I could not get my Maverick to recognize the existence of the Carlinkit unit. I called their (good) tech support and we walked through the setup together with no luck. Their final word, their unit must not be compatible with the ‘22 Ford electronics.
  9. Anyone tried the new Pairr wireless CarPlay dongle?

    Has anyone tried the new Pairr wireless Car-Play dongle? I ordered a Carlinkit unit from Amazon, but my Maverick would not recognize its existence. Amazon accepted a return for credit. I’ve got a good wireless charging solution to use in my XLT-Lux Package, but I don’t get Car Play using the...
  10. Safety Recall Glitch

    I got my Maverick back this morning. I turned the rental in--no cost to me. The Mav seems fine, now. Robert Horne Ford in Apache Junction handled this pretty well--they admitted they broke it and they fixed it and paid for my rental. I'm not unhappy. Buying the Mav from them was also a very...
  11. Trailer brake programming Recall 22S17

    My Ford dealer tried to do the update on my Maverick and failed. It is now a brick. Good luck. Let me know how yours goes!
  12. 4K Tow Recall

    I dropped my Maverick off yesterday morning for a minor adjustment. They attempted the 4K Towing safety recall update while they had it. It failed. My Maverick is now a brick. It will be interesting to see where this goes from here.
  13. Safety Recall Glitch

    I got a rental this afternoon; a Nissan Frontier from Enterprise. It can be left at the dealership when no longer needed. The dealer said they'd pay for that today and tomorrow. This may lead to further discussion with the dealer. After all, I did drive a functional Maverick into their property...
  14. Insurance and safety features

    All that safety equipment costs so much more to fix when you fail or the safety equipment fails!
  15. Safety Recall Glitch

    I took my AWD FX4 XLT-Lux with the 4K Towing Pkg to the dealer for a minor adjustment yesterday morning. While there, they performed a 'software update' to the towing package as a safety recall. It went South. Now my Maverick is inoperative at the dealer. As we near the end of the second day...
  16. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    I finally saw one Monday, blue, turned left about 500 yards ahead of me. It's the ONLY other one I've seen in Arizona.
  17. Fuel economy at 80-85 mph

    Mythbusters did an extensive review (not with the Maverick, obviously) of pickups with tailgate up and down and found their test subjects had less wind resistance and got slightly better mileage with the tailgate closed.
  18. Fuel economy at 80-85 mph

    We've only made one highway drive with our 2.0 AWD FX4 XLT - from our home in SE Mesa to Wickenburg, AZ and back -- 210 miles total. We averaged 68 mph moving speed overall, which meant we were driving 80 mph or a bit better at least some of the time. When on cruise, it was set at 77 mph. Our...
  19. Thread is dead, move along

    Nope. My 16 ounce Wally World Ozark Trails bottle is too big for any of the Maverick's cup holders. I have a sand-bag-weighted fabric box on the floor behind the console. That works, but I agree--the cup holders are the worst feature of the Maverick.
  20. My Maverick XLT build inspired by Mach 1

    Love, love, love it. I especially like the wizard in the cubby. Just what that hole was made for! Your Maverick is equipped pretty much like mine. How are the side moldings attached? A 3-M style adhesive strip? And if I may be so bold as to ask, how much did they cost?