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  1. Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda

    How many members had this ooportunuty but missed it?
  2. Anyone want another my dealer said…….

    After reading the memo that is posted on this forum I if figured can’t hurt to have a face to face. Short version they know nothing about my order. Manger did share if we cannot get some 2022 orders we will not cancel any unfilled 2022 orders, you slide to a 2023. You will be contacted if you...
  3. Help I think

    Don't know where to post this??? Last 2 days all I'm getting are McAfee pop ups??? I have had this Mac for several years and have NEVER gotten these popups. This is only website I'm getting these pop ups. Is this a Maverick issue or did someone take issue with a post of mine an target me...
  4. Discount Tire has purchased Tire Rack

    Have read several threads with members buying from either Tire Rack or Discount tire. Well, Discount Tire just purchased Tire Rack. Not versed on links Story in Modern Tire Dealer. (MTD)
  5. SIBL and Chips

    Anyone else hoping since Ford is building and storing Mavericks for chip shortage they are at least getting the SIBL caught up? Seems an obvious opportunity to me.
  6. Starting with dead battery

    Noticed a thread about a Hybrid that wouldn't start at dealer. So searched bit and could not find my answer. I really know nothing about Hybrids. But in olden times automatic transmissions had 2 pumps so you could push an automatic transmission car to about 25-30 mph put it in D and engine...
  7. Hybrid Production

    Trying to find ways to cheer myself up. Since Ford knew long ago they could not ship Hybrids, they front loaded gasser builds. Now Hybrids can be built and shipped maybe Ford will allocate more builds as Hybrids than gassers to make up for previous months. At least short term. NowI feel better. :)
  8. First Year Model

    So I worked at Ford for long time and GM before that. Owned numerous vehicles while an employee of both companies. I have never purchased a first year model of anything. Kinda interesting reading all the excitement. How many others are making the Maverick their first model year purchase?
  9. F100 all electric

    I know this a Maverick Forum but Ford has a F100 concept vehicle all electric. $39,000.00 Im lazy so I did a copy paste. All-electric Ford F-100 Eluminator concept truck showcases the benefits of electric propulsion using a 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition battery electric...
  10. Factory Stickers

    How many people remove factory stickers from their vehicles? Me I drive right from dealer and peel off.
  11. White Maverick with aftermarket wheels?

    I have looked around and have not found any posts with White Mavericks sporting aftermarket Wheels. If there are some or if you have one help me out? Thanks
  12. Did your dealer require a deposit on your Maverick order?

    How many people have ordered a new Maverick and dealer required a deposit or did not require one?
  13. New Order

    Ordered Maverick Hybrid XLT Lux. Order confirmed yesterday. What is the allowable time before one can complain or whine about not getting my new Maverick?
  14. New member. Plan to order a XLT, Lux Hybrid this week

    Been in voice contact with Ford dealer in Palm Bay, Florida. Have been assured they will honor A/Z plan pricing on an ordered Maverick. Ford employee website has paperwork for both seller/buyer to fill out and sign that indicates vehicle cost and amount allowed for paper work. If all goes well...