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  1. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    I emphasized very early to my kids( before they got their drivers license) to “ALWAYS EXPECT DRIVERS AROUND YOU TO DO SOMETHING INCREDIBLY STUPID !!!” and you will have a few more seconds to avoid an impact. JAT
  2. I've had better nights! Maverick hit @ 1K miles 😔

    Lawyer will disagree: “Failure to control speed” 😉
  3. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (5/16) For Production Build Week 7/4

    Or as I always tell my kids: "It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick" ;)
  4. Great news today!

    Congrats!! My order was confirmed on 11/3. Last I checked it was listed as confirmed/clean, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get it by Labor Day ;)
  5. Horn is weak

    I put a Stebel Nautilus air horn on my coupe. Sounds awesome and is loud ;)
  6. Perimeter Alarm on Lariat/XLT, No Interior/Inclination Sensors?

    So then, they have no temperature sensor either??? That picture is almost exactly what the motion sensor looks like on the Mach E. Maybe the same part is used in the Mav but no connection???
  7. change color after receiving VIN

    One would think not at this point, but hey, go for it ;)
  8. What’s this for?

    I believe it's a motion sensor for the alarm.
  9. What’s this for?

    Looks like a spycam to me ;) JAT
  10. Ways to identify Hybrid vs EcoBoost with tailgate badges removed?

    12 gauge with 4-shot and a 1000 lumen barrel spot works every time after a camera alert to my phone ;)
  11. Has anyone had Covid? [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS]

    More like, who hasn't had it ;)
  12. Tire Cover for the Maverick

    Sure is! It's called a Hefty lawn/trash bag ;)
  13. Rodent cost me $600 plus time

    If it happened sitting on a lot in Mexico for a month waiting on a chip, then yea, it's a Ford problem. But who inspects all of their wiring before taking delivery??? I just happened to notice field mice damage under the hood of the Genesis coupe I was buying in 2016. I pointed it out to the...
  14. Squirrels on the Attack!

    Time to go get you a couple of good barn cats. They will decimate the field mice and squirrels ;)
  15. Constraint Update Email Coming Today: Co-Pilot 360, XLT Luxury, Lariat Luxury

    "In production" only means they have your order and it is waiting to be "scheduled".
  16. Colorado or any of the other states with 85 gas as regular 87 mid and 91 top what gas are you using?

    85 octane at altitude performs the same as 87 at sea level, but I think that is more applicable to carbureted engines. Prolly best to go with the mid-range gas ;)