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  1. A.R.E taking preorders on Maverick topper / canopies

    I'm concerned about the lead times at this point. I've had my truck since January with nothing to cover the bed, holding out for a A.R.E. or Leer topper. A.R.E. is saying months before you'll actually get it, and Leer isn't even offering one yet (though I've heard from dealers that they're in...
  2. A.R.E taking preorders on Maverick topper / canopies

    I don't think you speak for everyone. I've seen the snug top in person, and don't really see the issue. Maybe I've gotten used to not using my rear view mirror as much and using my side mirrors. I've had a topper with an obscured rear window on my F-150 and it's also of minimal use on my...
  3. 2,134 miles. 26.3 mpg overall. 71 mph moving average speed. 2.0L EcoBoost XLT Lux AWD FX4 Co-Pilot 360

    I'm at 4100 miles, average speed 41 MPH and 25.2 MPG (mostly non-hwy local commuting).
  4. Maverick w/ black wrapped hood, mirror caps, 20" wheels

    Thinking of doing that with my cyber orange as well, plus getting a matte black topper
  5. Non ford topper

    I heard all of the same from a local Leer dealer. That being said, they did say "late spring/early summer" for other Leer models to be available. I got the same story from A.R.E. that there will be two fiberglass models this summer. My biggest frustration with the SnugTop is that they won't...
  6. Maverick FX4 AWD Off-Road Overland Review (Pirelli tires in video?) - by Expedition Portal

    Lol, thanks Captain Obvious. I've lived in rural MN for 20 years and driven a full size truck for most of those. I know how to get out of snow in most situations, but these tires suck. We did all that you suggested and more, this was after an hour plus of working at it in -20 F temps. We tried...
  7. Maverick FX4 AWD Off-Road Overland Review (Pirelli tires in video?) - by Expedition Portal

    Personally, I'd switch them out. I've got the Pirelli's and I got stuck in a rut much less severe than anything in the video.
  8. People are definitely interested in these Mavericks!

    I get a lot of comments from other truck owners to the effect of, "nice baby truck." If they're curious enough to ask a few questions and take a closer look, they end up being really surprised by the capabilities and value, and really end up questioning why they really need a "big boy truck."...
  9. ARE Bed Cap for Maverick (First Look Pics)

    What kind of topper is this? Just a mock-up, or are these available?
  10. Leer Truck Caps For Maverick - 2 options coming

    So how does a mid-rise work if you want to carry something long? Does it just ride on top of the topper? Wouldn't that rub? I'm looking for something that'll allow me to carry a canoe and lumber occasionally, so I was looking for a flush top model that allows for installing a rack on the...
  11. ARE Bed Cap for Maverick (First Look Pics)

    Ask Ford or Snugtop about putting any sort of roof rack on that cap. I'm not sure you'll like their answer. I might be OK with their solution if it were flush with the height of the cab and/or able to put any sort of rack system on it. Without that, it's over-priced by at least $1k.
  12. Not so great gas mileage

    Lots of factors already mentioned that affect gas mileage, but one other thing to consider is that "conservative driving" doesn't always mean better gas mileage overall. Accelerating to your cruising speed quickly will usually yield better mileage than a very slow acceleration. I've messed...
  13. Factory Cruise Control Enabled + Escape Steering Wheel Installed on HYBRID XL Maverick

    All of these Escape parts ending up on XL Mavericks... Eventually it's going to be an Escape with a bed. Wait a minute....
  14. Satellite images show lots of built Mavericks parked at Mexico plant

    They're all inflatables, meant to throw off competitors (and forum fanboys)
  15. Maverick owners beware! Factory decals removed in automatic car wash! [UPDATED: removed decals]

    That, and folks making mountains out of mole hills. It sucks for the OP and I hope Ford takes care of it, but one or two bad apples doesn't constitute a systemic issue. In the internet age we've become so accustomed to taking one-off examples as gospel. I've washed my truck three times (all...
  16. Three more weeks, then I am out.

    Mine started "in production" status on 11/15, and didn't show "built" until 11/29. Sounds like that was pretty typical, so I'm guessing any day now on yours. Keep in mind they complete 100's of trucks per day, but that doesn't mean they started that day. It takes a couple weeks (give or take)...
  17. Three more weeks, then I am out.

    Your departing gift has been scheduled for production, estimated delivery date of 4/1/2022!
  18. Aftermarket Topper / Cap options?

    Does anyone know of other topper/cap options besides the Snug Top version that's licensed by Ford? Seems pretty pricy, and I was told that there's no option to add racks/rails to the top without voiding the warranty. I'd like to be able to add rails for carrying canoes, kayaks, ladders, etc...
  19. Worst MPG from AWD 2.0 EcoBoost Owners?

    I've been pretty happy with mine so far. Lots of city driving and idling. The cold, and winter gas doesn't help any. Just filled up for the first time this morning, made it 300 mi on the first tank. When I'm cruising on the interstate at 70 mph, I'm getting about 30 mpg. For reference, my...