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  1. Auto start/stop doesn't seem to be working.

    Should you notice the auto start/stop when driving? I do not notice the motor stopping and restarting. Could it be faulty? I know lots of people would prefer not to have it at all. It appears my truck does not.
  2. Repair for loose roof trim rubber. No parts in stock anywhere.

    As others have stated as well as myself, there is an issue with the rear rubber coming loose or "tearing" on the left and right rear corners of roof moldings. Does anyone know how these are installed? Does anyone have a diagram? The dealership told me there is no stock anywhere. They did order...
  3. XL51's XL Area 51

    She is home! Really stoked to have it finally after almost 8 months. I'm so glad Canadian XL Mavericks can be ordered with the wheel upgrade and AT tires. I like the steelies but like these more. I noticed a couple swirl marks on the hood that are minor. At least I got that out of the way...
  4. My Canadian XL special order is here!

    Super thrilled that the wait is over and my Truck has arrived. XL 2.0, AWD, 4k Tow, 400w inverter, mudflaps, SIBL, floor liners, and upgraded wheels with A/T tires. Can't wait to go through everything. I did notice the loose /torn weatherstripping on the rear corners of the roof. Seems to be a...
  5. Truck is on "hold" at depot..fearing the worst.

    Found out my truck in on "hold" about 3 hours from me at a major city. I assume it will be put on a transport semi and taken to my city from there. But being on "hold" for the past couple weeks has me worried. I'm fearing they damaged it. Anyone know what on "hold" means?...😕
  6. YouTube video for all complainers and nitpickers.

    Found this video and he answers all the complainers needs.
  7. Please delete post

    Please delete post admins.
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