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  1. Retrax XR and Elevate Rack System [Group Buy]

    Does the Retrax have a key lock for security?
  2. Retrax XR and Elevate Rack System [Group Buy]

    Very interested in the combo but I don’t have my truck yet. It’s an October order so it will still be awhile. Perhaps I missed this but how long will this be offered with the group pricing and rebate? Thanks!!!
  3. Michigan roll call!

    Awesome! I live in Kazoo too. Still waiting on mine but I’ll be watching for you.!
  4. Blue Ox base plate for Hybrid in the works

    I too plan to tow my hybrid (assuming I‘m still living by the time it’s delivered) behind my class C. Thanks for assisting Roadmaster. Looking forward to seeing the final setup.
  5. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Club

    Welcome! I too ordered a Cyber Orange hybrid on Oct. 7th. I’m in the Kalamazoo area. Where are you? Hope we both get our Mavs soon but I’d be surprised if it’s before May from everything I’ve digested on this site.
  6. Did you pick FWD or AWD Maverick and why?

    FWD Hybrid. I intend to tow it behind an RV. And I love the MPG.