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  1. Boat launching

    The fear of getting stuck on the wrong end of a gravel boat launch with a 1500 lb boat attached to the back of my truck is what drove me to get the EB 4wd Maverick. Fwd is just not good with even a light boat, I have 4 years experience with to back up my statement.
  2. Do I have recourse?

    Ford can wait 6 months to get this guy his truck with absolutely no communication, but the dealer can turn around and sell it after a day because of a missed appointment? And to answer my own question, yes they apparently can, but that doesn’t make it right. Ford needs to do something because...
  3. Do I have recourse?

    I’m with you, It’s not like I had a good opinion of car dealers anyway but for a dealer to sell an ordered truck out from under the person that ordered it after no communication or warning is complete garbage. One missed appointment does not equate to no longer wanting the truck. This is 100% to...
  4. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    It’s been a few years since I’ve done any car audio systems in anything but the stock Maverick speakers are just awful. Running a 4 channel amp with 2 channels powering a 6.5” and tweeter component set up front, and bridging the other 2 channels into a 10” sub in a custom box under the back...
  5. Front kick panel / speaker wires.

    Yep, arrow is the correct harness on the passenger side
  6. Front kick panel / speaker wires.

    There’s a smaller bundle Of wires going through the kick panel and to the doors on each side, it would be hard to miss. Do the passenger side first since that’s got less stuff in the way and there’s only one bundle there so at least you know what you’re working with. Drivers side has a larger...
  7. Front kick panel / speaker wires.

    Did it today actually, there’s access to about 2 to 3” of the speaker wires on both sides under the kick panel. Decent enough to get a signal from the front speakers but missing the power and ground you can get under the head unit.
  8. Retrax XR and Elevate Rack System [Group Buy]

    Not something I need but I do think it’s awesome to see group buy offers showing up, this will no doubt save some members some decent coin.
  9. Motor Biscuit's 3 Reason To NOT Buy a Maverick....What Do You Think?

    Click bait article at best. The Maverick shouldn’t be compared to other trucks anyway, it should be compared to other vehicles at its price point. Like a Corolla for example. Small bed? Still 4 feet longer than the Corolla. Towing capacity? About 2k or 4K more than a Corolla. Basic? Yep, got us...
  10. What Do I Inspect When I Pick Up My Mav?

    Check for chipped paint on the back edge of the hood where the windshield wiper arm would contact. That was the only issue with my truck and I saw it while driving it home from the lot.
  11. Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma sold my truck to someone else

    I have no idea why these threads always generate so much hate to the op. They get to react any way they want, we’re not in their shoes. It’s good that they are bringing these issues to light as at the very least it helps the thousands roaming these forums to pick and choose from dealers when...
  12. Titus-Will Ford in Tacoma sold my truck to someone else

    This is awful and further confirms that dealers are still as shady as ever and Ford has absolutely zero control over the Maverick ordering and purchasing processes. We can help the OP out by commenting to keep this thread at the top of the page until that Ford Account takes notice of it and...
  13. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    They aren’t F-14s but I still laughed a little as I was taking a photo of the F-18s I sort of parked beside at work today.
  14. Paint Problem

    There’s a number of scratches that are obvious scratches, you can see it start deep into the metal and carry through the paint for a couple inches. Paint rust was applied improperly or has surface condition issues doesn’t fail like that. The ones on the hood are obvious damage from the wipers...
  15. DIY Bed Side Tie Downs

    Yep, I considered putting grommets in but I hung off one of these in my shed as a test run and the hole didn’t budge so I think it’s good, that’s nearly 200 pounds of weight on just one strap. If I see any of them start to pull out I’ll reconsider for sure.
  16. DIY Bed Side Tie Downs

    This was Armadillo Liner done by a local body shop. They’ve done other work for me before and they gave me a good price so I went for it despite having limited info on this brand of spray-in bedliner, but I’m happy with it. It’s got only a slightly rubbery feel and lots of texture so it does a...
  17. DIY Bed Side Tie Downs

    I never understood the need for sliding tie-downs when each bed side has 2 existing tie-downs and 4 bolt holes, the bed is only 4.5 feet long! I wanted to add a tie down to each bolt hole but I wanted something a little less obtrusive than the big eye rings. So I made some short loops from some...
  18. Frankfort Ford stole my Maverick

    Why is everyone ignoring the glaring issue with this guys story? The dealer. They are the issue. Since when did we get to a point where it’s ok for a dealer to pull a bunch of crap on a new vehicle order and we blame the poor guy that thought he was ordering a truck at msrp and made the choice...