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  1. Upgrade to 4k lb towing?

    4K Tow also includes trailer brakes.
  2. Daddy, Can I Have My Toy Back ?

    A glorified moped with a roof. Looks safe too. The fact it's from China only deepens my fears. The folks in CA will absolutely love this though. With the potential of leaving a zero carbon footprint owners will be envied at social flake gatherings for sure.
  3. CURT Bolt On Hitch for Maverick (rated to 4,000 lbs)

    Non-tow pkg equipped Mavericks are rated to tow 2,000 lbs. with or without factory hitch.
  4. ADM fatigue may have finally occurred.

    There are a lot of these folks on this forum....
  5. Anyone Disappointed With Their Maverick? If so, why?

    It's fine considering no one can be bothered to read anything these days...
  6. What's that noise?

    My non-hybrid XL also makes a series of buzzes and clicks. It's just part of modern day computer-controlled electronic everything.
  7. Wondering What This Button Was On Lariat

    Remember when buttons had words on them instead of hieroglyphics? Left little to chance. Now everything is best guess.
  8. Post your Payload Label Stickers Here

    See sig for build details....
  9. Custom Hybrid Decal

    My neighbor has this one...
  10. Anyone Disappointed With Their Maverick? If so, why?

    Well, considering her car is 3 years old you're not even comparing apples to apples. One generally gets more features buying a used car than what they would typically receive at the same price point on a new vehicle. You can't take that away from the Maverick. It's how the used car market works...
  11. Really Low Tow Rating for non 4K

    Ahh.....the 'ol trailer towing topic. Look, the Maverick is a smallish vehicle. I wouldn't want to tow more than 4K with it. I think anyone needing more towing capability needs to look at something else. Next point: Many of these other vehicles (Santa Cruz...I'm looking at you) advertise 5K+...
  12. ***FINAL UPDATE*** Transmission issues

    Sounds like a bad transmission....
  13. Lasfit Switchback vs Lasfit Amber LED

    These, correct?
  14. Agree or Disagree With Jalopnik? - The Ford Maverick Is A Great Truck — It's Also Part Of The Problem

    Agreed. Unfortunately, most of the world is thus way because it's what they're taught and told to think, otherwise there's is backlash. They don't know any different. Sad, really.