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  1. CASD57

    Velocity Blue XLT walkaround and sit-in from Inland Empire CA sighting

    That soft top isn't too bad....especially for the price $369 Just remember don't put anything on it :)
  2. CASD57

    Bronco Sport vs. Maverick seat and interior comfort

    I drove a Sport... Didn't notice any leg room problem... But I'm 5'9 and at the time 229lbs now 209 so it should fit even better now :)
  3. CASD57

    A Poll for those that ordered in June

    Ordered 6/8 didn't get a confirmation until 6/17 Changed the ordered several times From XLT Velicity Blue Hybrid w/Lux to Hot Pepper Red and then to Carbonized Gray...finally to Carbonized Gray Hybrid Lariat Still not scheduled My XL AWD w/tow Ordered 6/27 confirmed 6/28 I figured I'd go...
  4. CASD57

    Trade in Maverick for Lightning

    I think the EV in its infancy(sp? to fancy of words with only one cup of coffee:) It's a great hope and it is the future but not yet. People are worried about buying first-year vehicles but not jumping into EV's?. At least with your first run truck's you have a warranty, Not with the...
  5. CASD57

    How much are you paying? / Are these good offers?

    $26620 for the XL AWD 2.0 and $28145 for the Lariat Hybrid
  6. CASD57

    Idaho here....Southwest Idaho...

    ;) Welcome Just make sure you don't have any unavailable add-ons or it will stop your order... See my signature for the ones I had to remove
  7. CASD57

    Idaho here....Southwest Idaho...

    That's roughly 5 weeks..... From Built to est delivery 10/21 That's good to know... So 11 days from in Production to Built..... 7 weeks from In Production to Delivered(Est) They built yours a week ahead of time...Nice... that screwed up my math lol
  8. CASD57

    Idaho here....Southwest Idaho...

    I'll be there to take a look :) Mine is being built in the week of 10/25
  9. CASD57

    Dealers raising the price right before delivery on Broncos

    My build date is 10/25 I don't think I can squeeze in 90 days before delivery so the X plan wont be in effect :( But maybe on the Lariat when it gets scheduled
  10. CASD57

    Dealers raising the price right before delivery on Broncos

    I wish they would even talk to dealers with a lower BS addendum like my local has a $3000 addendum....bunch of BS but the good part is..It kept me in the Maverick Camp when I should not have even looked at the Hyundai Cruz in the first place
  11. CASD57

    Lowering springs for Maverick

    Change the color to Carbonized Gray...And that would be the Rat Rod I want.....
  12. CASD57

    Maverick with bull bar, lift kit, larger tires and wheels (rendering)

    I'd like to see ..a Carbonized Gray XL AWD Slightly lowered 2in .with low profile tires....Black rims maybe a spider type design...Now if I only had Photo shop and knew how to use it LOL
  13. CASD57

    My new aftermarket wheels to replace steel wheels on the XL (with link to order):

    I’m the opposite……low profile tires and 19-20in rims. Rat-Rod
  14. CASD57

    I'm freaking out! My dealer will have a real Mav tomorrow!

    Yea I doubt my dealers will tell me, they act like it’s 007 info. ie ,,, need to know… and already sold customers don’t need to know
  15. CASD57

    XL Seats color?

    Must be more like the Bronco Sport?
  16. CASD57

    How did this happen?

    I ran into it when I heard about the Santa Cruz on Youtube
  17. CASD57

    Got scheduled so when is the VIN# active?

    Web site isn't working....I keep getting " System Error, Please try again later. "
  18. CASD57

    Got scheduled so when is the VIN# active?

    Yea that one is fine it’s the on their web site in your account