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  1. Roadeyes

    Maverick order so many questions

    Bronco forum second door on your left. YW
  2. Roadeyes

    How many emails have you received after order confirmation?

    Same. I ordered at the dealer on June 25th. First customer to order (I had to convince dealer that ordering was open.) Never heard again from Ford or dealer. In late August I called Ford. They said they received my order July 14th. No idea why it took 3 weeks for Ford to get my order. Sadly...
  3. Roadeyes

    Proactive Dealers?

    Good one!
  4. Roadeyes

    POLL: How many Maverick orders / reservations have YOU placed?

    0 Reservations (I think) 1 Order I just went to the dealer. He might have placed a reservation before entering my order. But I don't know. I would ask, but my dealer is the Most Important Man in the World and will not be inconvenienced with silly customer queries. I should just go flog myself...
  5. Roadeyes

    Ford Shifting to Build-to-Order Model

    Yeah, by all accounts, not a great guy. But that 1930 season! Babe who?
  6. Roadeyes

    Does Maverick qualify for retail order rebate - "Built For You By You" ?

    No mention of Maverick in the fine print.
  7. Roadeyes

    MavBro Check In

    Noticed there are at least a few Bronco refugees here. My Bronco angst is mostly centered around my dealer. I'm hanging on to my reservation/order (see? not sure if I even have an order with Ford) by my fingernails. In my case, the Bronco is one of the few vehicles my wife and I can agree on, so...
  8. Roadeyes

    Build & Price Your 2022 Ford Maverick Now Up. What's Your Maverick Build?

    Anyone go lower than this Fleety McBase? Feeling giddy about spray in bedliner AND the deluxe floor mat option!
  9. Roadeyes

    2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Ordered 6/25. XL, hybrid engine, Oxford White, Spray-in bedliner, floor liners $22,160. $1,000 deposit. Was told splash guards might delay the order, so I deleted.