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  1. FX4 WHEELS: Something isn’t right…

    Not quite true… the 235 is optional on the black FX4 wheel on Lariat
  2. How many of you didn`t get a email say your Maverick was built this week ?

    Ordered 6/14 and the tracker has been stuck on “In Production 9/14“ all week. should be here in October!
  3. I drive fast - 80mph or more

    The hybrid has nothing to do with top speed. It has a 190hp gas engine! Battery power is only used during low load. I have 80 mph highways that I travel and would bet my fuel mileage on the 2.0 is no worse than the 2.5 hybrid guys on the same road.
  4. Maverick with bull bar, lift kit, larger tires and wheels (rendering)

    There is no radar cruise unless a Lariat. and no cruise at all in an XL.
  5. 🗓 2022 Maverick Dates For Ordering Scheduling and Start of Production

    Completely agree. My son turns 16 next month and I ordered a Maverick (for me)in June . Mine was built this week and should be here near the birthday. I was not planning to toss keys for a new anything to a new driver, but not many used deals to be had and the Mav is a good buy for the...
  6. Before Maverick, what were you looking at?

    Jeep Gladiator or 2022 Frontier were leading contenders but Maverick is $15-20k less than Gladiator, which needs a lift and 35s or 37s to look right. We currently drive 25 miles round trip at least 2x per day with a kid in high school and drive weekend road trips going to travel baseball...
  7. 🛠 9/14 Build Week Group!

    LOL. And 108 after me. I’m 4386 to be built on 9/13. VIN sequence
  8. 📬 9/9 Scheduling email received group!

    WOW, that is quick from order to scheduled! I have the exact same truck in production this week. XLT Lux FX4 w/ 4K Area 51
  9. Mavericks now hitting "In Production" status on Ford tracker. Has Yours?

    Mine finally changed to "In Production" status. Dealership has been silent, so any info I've had has been on my own fruition. Welcome! Your 2022 Maverick XLT is "In Production". In Production Your order is being manufactured at one of our factories. This can take a few days. When you have a...
  10. Interior orange vs black pieces

    I think I can live with the orange stitching and possibly the vent stripes but the silicon is going to get some treatment to tone it down. Door handle pulls look to be easily removed for a color change also.
  11. New tire that might be a good fit for the Maverick

    Saw a local dealer yesterday putting tires on their Bronco Sports. Wildpeak 245/65R17s and 255/60R18s Terra Grappler G2 on stock wheels; Very tight fit!
  12. So Now There’s a Paint Shortage???

    I ran into that a few months ago. It was a 1-gallon can shortage. S-W was unable to give me a can but only had 5-gallon buckets. All of those metal cans are coming from overseas and stuck in cargo containers at sea
  13. My new aftermarket wheels to replace steel wheels on the XL (with link to order): These guys designed this wheel to accommodate a 245/65R17 on the Bronco Sport with no lift
  14. What does the order number mean?

    It means nothing. Just a PIN code like a debit card. My dealer used the last 4 of my phone number as my order number.
  15. Confirmed. 1.5” and 2.0” lift will be made for Maverick AWD FX4 by Fordrangerlifts

    Everyone considering a lift should also be prepared to sacrifice fuel economy, which has been one of the primary attractions to the Maverick. A lift will reduce aero efficiency, creating more drag. Larger, heavier tires will do the same plus increase rolling mass. Don’t expect to keep 40 mpg...
  16. How long do you keep your vehicles?

    9-10 years on 2000 Silverado, 2004 Odyssey, and 2010 Wrangler. my garage now has a 2012 QX56, 2014 Ram 1500 and 2020 4Runner. I prefer to buy new, keep garaged and get a long life from them. I did buy the Silverado used with 103k and the Ram with 4K. The only repair I’ve ever had is a...
  17. Installing Copilot 360 after delivery?

    No. Mirrors, wiring, BCM, etc would all have to change.
  18. Lack of retail production for First Edition and Hybrid Maverick

    Some of you guys are acting like these Mavericks are sitting in an Amazon warehouse and you are looking for 2 day delivery. 22Mav is right, Ford advertised Fall delivery and it is not yet Fall. Those of us that ordered early were very insightful to Ford on the mix of options that would be...
  19. 📫 9/2 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I ordered from the smallest dealership so I could (hopefully) get better service. Ordered my XLT Lux, AWD, 4K, FX4 on 6/14 and it is scheduled for 9/13. I was the first one they put in the system.
  20. Delivery time

    There was discussion in early threads assuming how long to deliver to dealers once it comes off the assembly line. I’m scheduled for 9/13 and don’t know how long after before it could arrive at my dealer, but I’m sure everyone who sees it will want to try it on for size. I may need to park my...