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  1. Did you pick FWD or AWD and why?

    FWD because this is a low cost vehicle.
  2. Why are there no fog lights?

    A full light bar might be easier to install..if you just want more light. Style-wise, fog lights are probably better.
  3. Maverick vs Ranger (Tremor) side by side comparison

    I must be one of the few that would only buy the maverick because of the mpg and price. I have never needed, or wanted a pickup...SUVs with a tarp have done fine for me no matter what I hauled. I am not going to back to sedans. At this price point...there are a few SUV’s that compare, but not...
  4. ~$30K Utility Vehicles Compared: Maverick vs Santa Cruz and Tucson - Specs & Pricing

    Hi, If you are comparing small SUVs the Subaru Forester might be worth a look. I never thought about Subaru’s but it has become a good value starting below $25K. The forester has a surprisingly amount of room.
  5. 110/400 Watt outlet rear console/ XLT ? I’m still unclear.... XL gets a cigarette lighter in back? XLT? XLT lux? And were the cup holders in the armrest in the XLT, or only XLT Lux and up.... Thanks I’m easily confused.
  6. Examples of maximum trailers a non-tow package Maverick can safely tow

    Apologies for a stupid question....I have never been camping, or had a trailer, etc....aren’t these limited where you can actually sleep in them? They look cool though. You can’t just spend the night on some residential side street, it must be a designated camping site....right? (I told you it...
  7. GPS trackers installed by lenders

    How is your social credit score?
  8. Anyone Considering Leasing a Maverick?

    There will still be plenty of gas vehicles on the road. IMO we are screwed if everything goes all EV. Power goes out, then what? EV‘s are marginally better for the environment, and certainly worse for the countries with the minerals Afghanistan, for example. The electricity...
  9. The Levi’s shoes that inspired the 2022 Maverick Lariat's interior design

    Those shoes suddenly look okay.... as Seinfeld would say, not that there’s anything wrong with it. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Chip Shortage

    The chip situation isn’t going to get better once China moves into Taiwan
  11. 2022 Maverick Pricing is Less Expensive Than Ford Model T Adjusted for Inflation

    Model T....yeah because certainly economies of scale and production techniques were exactly the Price comparisons from 20 years is a good indicator....but back to the first production car....that’s a stretch, no offense.
  12. Cactus Gray 2022 Maverick lines up vs a Ranger, F150 and Super Duty

    someone could get two mavericks for the price of one bronco. :-)
  13. Ford Maverick vs Bronco size comparison & Area 51 vs Cactus Gray

    Unfortunately not many have seen the Bronco in person. I’d rather see it next to a Bronco Sport IMO.
  14. 2022 Maverick Gets Standard "FITS" Tether System - With Accessories From Ford or 3D Print Yourself

    chick-fill-a sauce holders? Well, that is a first world problem if I ever heard one. Ford can save a dollar on installing more cup holders, while touting the “flexibility” and “customizable“ attributes of their design... IMO it was just a cost savings, and I don’t fault them for it. I would...
  15. How many of you already own a hybrid vehicle ?

    As many have said.....hybrids on most vehicles is an upcharge, and the hybrid would take years to pay for itself. This vehicle is different...standard hybrid....completely reverses the previous frugality argument. :-)
  16. It's really not that small.... Maverick is 199" length

    It is only small compared to a full size truck.... about the same length as an explorer or telluride
  17. ~26.6 MPG for 2.0L Maverick Lariat FX4!

    Um, minus the off-road capability? j/k
  18. Age of targeted Maverick Buyer

    I think I’d look at any vehicle type that gets 40mpg, with this utility, and the price point. A similar sized SUV is easily 30% more expensive. If I’m wrong let me know...because then I’ll get the SUV 😛 I wonder if the base XL, with no options is a loss could be Ford is making...