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  1. Hard Roll-Up vs Tri-Fold Tonneau?

    I am looking at this same cover.
  2. Does this sound right?

    The maverick reservations and orders do not show up in the Ford account. The only way to add them is to have it scheduled and get a VIN from Ford, then you can add the VIN to continue tracking.
  3. 🎬 Test drive review video! Maverick Hybrid and Ecoboost - Handling, Acceleration, Suspension, Brakes, Interior

    Ford is keeping the original set of wheels and tires, so the $795 is the upgrade cost, not the price.
  4. My hybrid delayed a week from 10/11 to 10/18

    My guess is that the hybrids that are being changed is to align with (hopefully) are large number of Hybrids to be scheduled tomorrow!!!! They are moving them to be built with others.
  5. Cannabilizing Ranger sales, or not?

    no more % than Ranger sales impacts F150 sales
  6. Motorcycle riders, let’s see your ride.

    I am currently looking for a Victory Vision or Cross Country Tour. My last motorcylce was a Kawasaki Nomad 1600.
  7. Hybrid Maverick retail orders to resume scheduling this week! (9/13) - per dealer bulletin

    I would almost rather them not publish THIS WEEKS constraints. Just order what you want and wait, if you can not wait, go buy something else...
  8. Pics: Carbonized Gray Maverick XLT at Blue Bottle Coffee Ford Get-Together in Venice, CA

    it may not be a zipper, maybe part of the airbag system? I have not noticed that before.
  9. Hybrid Maverick retail orders to resume scheduling this week! (9/13) - per dealer bulletin

    LOL, I wonder how many people will change their order back ...
  10. Hybrid Maverick orders will not be scheduled until further notice - per dealer bulletin

    Maverick Hybrid will resume scheduling this week for retail orders....
  11. Order questions

    It can be overwhelming, partially due to the misinformation that is out there. I would talk to your dealer and confirm that your email is correct and then maybe call the ford customer service, they should be able to find the order with the information on your paper. They then can confirm your...
  12. Order questions

    You should get an order confirmation from Ford, that is the first email they send out. The Scheduling email is when you get a VIN. I got mine about 10 minutes after the dealer entered the order, before leaving the dealership. I have not gotten anything else and dont expect to until they pull...
  13. Order questions

    Have you gotten a confirmation email from Ford yet? I got my confirmation email before I left the dealership, that was back on 7/7/21. I have not gotten anything else from Ford about my order because it has not been scheduled yet. I have a hybrid order so I am patiently waiting. I was told...
  14. Rival Dad with Honda Ridgeline

    You would let someone else drive your truck? I never loan out my
  15. Delivery Time Line

    4-6 weeks from production has been mentioned by Tim Bartz and others. I would assume at least 6 or more just to be happy if it arrives sooner... The trucks will go by rail to Kansas City, I think from Mexico and then get sent off to regions and then by truck to dealers.
  16. 🧭 Track Your Maverick Order by VIN + Order Number [& Get Your Window Sticker]

    But use extreme caution, because their is as much misinformation on here as good information...
  17. No rear defroster on XL or XLT?

    It has been a long time since I owned or even seriously looked at a truck, but I never saw a truck with rear window defrost. Next your going to be asking about wipers on the rear I can't image the entry level truck having rear defrost.