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  1. Trade in Maverick for Lightning

    In two years they will announce phev mav an ranger and ev ranger and we will be debating waiting for those. Until we get that flying car there's always going to be something new coming.
  2. How to Order a 2022 Ford Maverick and get it Scheduled - from Tim Bartz

    I reserved 6/13 and dealer to make license and signature and deposit on 6/16, I got email from ford 6/16 and still no date for production
  3. A Poll For First Editions Only

    The Marshall has a mach e coming and I have come really, really close to switching for it. I think I have convinced myself that the cost/practical ratio of the mav outdoes the mach e for my situation in life, but Thursdays are hard.
  4. A Poll For First Editions Only

    I reserved 6/13 and order confirmed 6/16, carbonized grey hybrid no production date yet.
  5. Ranger argument is getting old

    If the next edition ranger has a phev, I will look at it, but at this point I would probably wait for phev mav. I almost flipped for a mach e this weekend but talked myself down because mav is much more practical and $20k less, the sportiness would be nice but it isn't necessary.
  6. Cannabilizing Ranger sales, or not?

    Right now there isnt a hybrid ranger so I didn't consider it. If it turns out that a phev ranger is available before a phev mav I might consider that down the road. For now, the mav cannibalized my f150 lightening reservation.
  7. August 2021 Ford Maverick Production Numbers

    Hopefully mav numbers will start looking like those bronco sport numbers
  8. 🔎 First Looks! 2022 Maverick Ford Accessories: Hood Scoop Kit, Tailgate Applique, Cab Roof Spoiler, Tailgate Spoiler, Yakima Low Profile Bed Rack

    I kind of dig that cab spoiler, I think it might look good with the black roof on a first edition. (if they actually end up making any first editions).
  9. Hybrid Maverick 2.5L Test Drive / Ride Video. Achieving Almost 40 MPG

    Was it just me, or did you feel like it was unfair these guys who know nothing got to drive one and here we sit.
  10. TONS of Maverick Trainer Pics & Measurements! (Cactus Gray, 6'6" tall driver & passenger, legroom, car seat, no moonroof, undercarriage)

    Thank you for doing this. I took my measuring tape out to the drive way and started measuring cars. I don't think its that small!
  11. 2022 Maverick Trailer Towing & GVWR / GCWR Guide

    I don't understand. Your picture is what I think a teardrop is. I don't think I ever said tear drop. I was talking about a trailer with a bathroom. If there would be one that was possible. I agree that there are many teardrops that would be towable by hybrid mavs, but I meant trailers with...
  12. Why the delay in production

    This is solid. I'm waiting 6 weeks for an awning. I waited months for a freezer. I've been waiting over a year for a titanium spork!
  13. Why the delay in production

    I want my, I want my, I want my MaVerick Truck
  14. 2022 Maverick Trailer Towing & GVWR / GCWR Guide

    This is the lightest trailer with a bathroom that I've found. The GVWR is 2,500 pounds, The uvw is 1,707. I *think* that empty a hybrid mav could pull this - I am not sure about how the front square footage works with a curved front like that. The length x height would be over 65'2 so that would...
  15. Payload for Maverick Lariat Hybrid = 1,519 LBS (per doorjamb sticker). Beats factory quoted 1,500 LBS & Santa Cruz

    what all these little articles about "mav vs sc" are missing is that the sc can only have 661 pounds in the bed!
  16. 📈 Our 2022 Maverick Order Stats / Take Rates After 1K+ Submissions

    I am sure that I don't need them, most vehicles I've had did not have them. But now I have a vehicle with them, and what I want and what I need have been confused.