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  1. AWD Nice but Not Necessary in Winter

    It's the issue will FWD pickup truck sell well. The AWD option will sell I have no doubt.
  2. AWD Nice but Not Necessary in Winter

    No I wasn't really referring to Ridgeline itself. But I think somepeople will have problem buying FWD truck period. They don't mind FWD car or Crossover but their pickup truck is a different story.
  3. AWD Nice but Not Necessary in Winter

    Just FYI Honda discontinued offering the FWD model for Ridgeline for 2021. The 2017-2021 offered a FWD version with Traction Management settings for Normal and Snow. The Ridgeline with IVTM4 Torque Vectorng AWD mechanically simular to the Super Handling AWD System in the Acura MDX but tuned...
  4. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Wow you guys are asking for some goodies. Even a Base sport model USA spec Ridgeline doesn't have that. That price starts at 36K The next Trim up gets heated seats standard. The top trims gets heated steering. Canada spec different But you have to see what options Escape Bronco Sport have.
  5. Manual Transmission

    Another reason most Manual Transmission are not as efficient as the automatics. Not worth manufacturing now unless it's sports car.
  6. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Well the Ridgeline dual-action swing tailgate has two purposes. The first is to allow easy access to the in-bed trunk. It would be hard to reach over the tailgate to put larger or heavier or smaller things into deep trunk. Also couldn't have access to spare tire inside trunk on sliding tray. The...
  7. Articles Ridgeline But May Apply To Unibody Maverick & Santa Cruz

    Articles Read are Ridgeline content but apply to Maverick and Santa Cruz Search Mid-Sized Trucks Don't Need Frames Search Why Aren't Trucks Built Like Cars
  8. Two Door Single Cab

    Hello just joining I'm longtime member of Ridgeline Owners Club Forums. We have 1st Gen Ridgeline also older low mileage Acura sedan. Also 2009 Focus in family. But been watching waiting for other Unibody pickup trucks to come along. I'm solid in Ridgeline camp because of features and size. But...