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  1. Maverick Raptor! How We Imagine It

    It remains to be seen what trim/model the Maverick pickup tops out at, but we've been dreaming of a Maverick Raptor model and this is how we imagine it looking!
  2. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    We've caught a Ford Maverick prototype alongside a Ford Ranger Crew Cab, giving us a new comparison which puts the Maverick’s size in better perspective.
  3. Base Maverick XL Pickup Spied with Steelies, FWD, Unique Grille! + First Ever Maverick Video

    We caught a new trim variant of the Ford Maverick pickup, and it looks like it’s the base version which is rumored to start under $20,000. The latest prototype has a unique grille treatment (the third grille spotted so far), and it’s riding on steel wheels. The Bronco Sport has alloy wheels...
  4. Ford Maverick New Grille and Wheels Option Caught Testing in Public

    This grille design resembles the 2021 F-150 XLT's
  5. Ford Maverick New Grille and Wheels Option Caught Testing in Public

    We just caught another Ford Maverick pickup sporting an alternate grille design. The grille seems to match the leaked photo from the Hermosillo assembly line. Also shown is a new wheel design option while the 2022 Maverick truck rolls ahead of a 2020 F-150 lurking in the background.
  6. Spied: 2022 Maverick Truck vs. Ford Mustang (Size Comparison)

    We just grabbed some new shots that provide a new perspective on the size and scale of the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck, allowing for some comparison shots between the Maverick and a current Ford Mustang. The new shots allow for a good sense of the height of the Maverick’s nose, hood, cab...
  7. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Caught Nearly Fully Revealed! 📸

    We just caught the Ford Maverick pickup running with little disguise during a quick public road drive. This is our first all-encompassing look at Ford’s sub-Ranger pickup, revealing all of the truck’s major design elements! Headlights, tail-lights, and grille are all completely undisguised...
  8. AWD Ford Maverick Prototype Caught Testing + Independent Rear Suspension

    We've spied a Ford Maverick prototype, equipped with a new independent rear suspension design, providing our first visual evidence of an AWD variant for the entry-level pickup. Earlier this year, we managed a detailed look underneath a Maverick prototype which revealed a simple coil-sprung...
  9. 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck leaked look from Hermosillo factory!

    Here's a first factory leaked image look at the Ford Maverick truck, on the line at the Hermosillo Mexico plant. The grille and headlights are fully exposed for the first time, revealing a more aggressively styled and shaped front fascia than the Bronco Sport, with which it shares a platform.
  10. Spied: Ford Maverick Interior First Look

    We just got the first look inside the new Ford Maverick pickup, revealing the key details of the entry-level pickup’s dashboard. We’ve added in a full selection of exterior shots, Ford Ranger comparisons, and undercarriage shots, to give the most complete look yet at Ford’s new addition to its...
  11. Spied: Ford Maverick Grille Exposed!

    We just caught our first peek at the front grille of the Ford's upcoming Maverick pickup truck! This comes as the front end camo was removed from this Maverick prototype exposing a grille resembling some of Ford's signature front end designs.
  12. Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    Pricing for the base version of the 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck is expected to start under $20,000. This will slot under the Ford Ranger which has a base MSRP of $24,110.
  13. Ford Maverick Spy Photos

    Here are the first heavily camouflaged photos of the Ford Maverick pickup truck which is expected to be a unibody compact truck built on Ford's C2 platform. More Photos
  14. Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Renderings / Photoshop

    Post up any Ford Maverick renderings, CGIs and photoshops here!
  15. 2022 Ford Maverick Truck INFO Thread

    Here is a summary of the 2022 Maverick info we know so far, from inside sources, leaks and published info. Program Code - P758 Markets - North America Timeline - 2022 Model Year with possible launch in 2021 Platform - C2 platform (compact) that underpins the Bronco Sport and Ford Escape. -...
  16. 2022 Ford Maverick Truck Launch Date

    A leaked Ford presentation may tell us that the Ford Maverick Truck is possibly scheduled to launch in 2021. In the "New Products" section of the slide, Ford has a generic placeholder "Whitespace" vehicle which is noted as a 2021 calendar year launch.
  17. Real-Life Maverick Tailgate Leaked, Adds Sheet Metal to CAD Drawing

    This New Photo Shows What Looks Like A Nearly Complete Ford Maverick Tailgate — Confirms Earlier CAD Drawing July 4, 2020 Back in late April, we caught wind of Ford’s intent to put their small Maverick pickup into production by way of a CAD image showing the model name stamped across the...
  18. Leaked: "MAVERICK" CAD Drawing Previews Truck's Tailgate

    Leaked: 2022 Ford Maverick Truck? Could This Be the Next Ford Ranger or Bronco-Based Pickup? April 30, 2020 What can this be? A 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck? Here is an exclusive look at a 3-d model of a tailgate with large MAVERICK stamped into it. TFLtruck received this model from an...