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  1. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    8 pages of Ridgeline on a Maverick site...nice work boys.
  2. Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz

    This thing sounds like it'll fit in the garage...bonus points. C'mon Ford drop some maverick info...
  3. Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz

    Maverick made in Mexico. Santa Cruz made in Montgomery, Alabama. I’m actually leaning toward Hyundai because of USA labor.
  4. Maverick vs Hyundai Santa Cruz

    if the base is about 25k it’ll be tough for maverick to match. 3500 towing is plenty for me. Ok, let’s see whatcha got Ford
  5. Why do you want a Maverick?

    Midsize trucks are too damn big.
  6. 2022 Ford Maverick Truck INFO Thread

    I've not heard or seen any info there will be a manual transmission. Is there a link for that info?
  7. More Maverick spy shots

    I'm really liking this Maverick. C'mon ford 25K AWD and naturally aspirated. I'll be in on day one...
  8. Two Door Single Cab

    Absolutely loved my 1980 Yota just like that one
  9. Cyber Orange Maverick prototype spotted

    With all these test mules popping up all over it won’t be long before the official reveal.
  10. Fitting 33’s on a Maverick

  11. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    who is preaching their religion now? Blocked.
  12. First out of the chute...

    Yeah, I'm waiting for a chance to drive the new Frontier KC, 2wd naturally aspirated 310HP V6 and 9spd. I don't think it'll out run my current 4.0, 5spd auto Frontier, but I'm guessing 15-20% better gas mileage. I'm waiting to see the new Frontier, the Maverick and just a bit curious about the...
  13. First out of the chute...

    I think Santa Crus will have a naturally aspirated engine option. I wish ford would offer at least one nonturbo option as well.
  14. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Not all of us have a 100K budget...
  15. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Yep, If I cant get AWD and 2.0 under 30K I'll go Frontier or Ranger.
  16. Maverick vs. Ranchero

  17. When will Ford announce the existence/debut of the Maverick?

    Since Hyundai Santa Cruz reveal is 15 April I'm guessing it won't be long after that.
  18. When will Ford announce the existence/debut of the Maverick?

    This is how crazy rumors get started....🤣😂🤣