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  1. Base Maverick XL trim spotted again

    This person also looks very short behind the wheel. You think something is going on with the seating position?
  2. When will Ford announce the existence/debut of the Maverick?

    April fools would be a good time to release some information
  3. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    On paper the Ridgeline is everything I want in a truck. I just can't get over the design. I love the design of the Maverick. So if they can do everything the Ridgeline can. Then I'm one happy customer.
  4. Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    I think that's what shocks me the most. In my head I was thinking a Ranger but lower ground clearance. This looks way smaller than that.
  5. Base Maverick XL Pickup Spied with Steelies, FWD, Unique Grille! + First Ever Maverick Video

    I looked up the bronco sport and you can’t get the 2.0 until the top model. Which starts almost 10k more than the base. It seems likely this would work the same way.
  6. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    The biggest thing for me is price. If I can get it out the door at 26k I'll be happy. Things I wouldn't mind having 1. Apple Carplay 2. Backup Camera 3. Bed liner
  7. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    That makes me feel better. I was concerned the engine might have a built-in design flaw. Reminded me of the BMW engine that would warp the heads because of bad design.
  8. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    I started looking up common problems for the 2.0 Ecoboost and found this article. This sounds like a real problem for a truck that will be doing some towing. Is anyone else concerned? Do you think Ford will address this issue? 2.0 EcoBoost Cracked Exhaust Manifold Both generations of the 2.0...