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  1. Maverick Raptor! How We Imagine It

    Ya looks slick... Good job
  2. Cyber Orange Maverick prototype spotted

    Loving the size. Looks perfect IMO. Smaller than ranger, but not "mini" like my 2011 Reg Cab or older Hilux style models. Low bed rails, easy access, good economy. Cant wait to see it in person one day. I am honestly considering buying this new (first time ever buying new) and even a first year...
  3. What type of aftermarket goodies are you hoping for?

    I am probably going to see if I can fit just a size up tire all-terrains, specifically I LOVE Cooper AT3s. If they can get a little beefier - I dont think I will need to lift it. I also like mentioned above hope they have a version with steelies, or 15in wheels. Bed Extender to the tailgate...
  4. Common problems - Are you concerned?

    I am concerned. A little, as you mentioned for towing needs etc. Both engines seem to have a few quirks that need ironing out imo. The internal wet timing BELT on the 1.5l, and this on the 2.0l. I have read many good things about the 2.0 though so I am less worried about that one. This seems...
  5. Current Daily Driver?

    2011 Ranger regular cab 2.3l 5-speed. Has 175k miles on it. Going to sell to father in law, with the idea that if he ever decides to get rid of it - he sells back to me!
  6. Ford Maverick New Grille and Wheels Option Caught Testing in Public

    LOVE it. Like Doc said, just need the build sheet. Bed doesn't look too small either, like mentioned in the other thread - a bed extender and it would be more than adequate.
  7. Vinyl Seats Please

    I am with you 100% - but Ill wait and see the towing/payload on the 1.5 before I decide on that. Im leaning 2.0, mainly because the 1.5l has an internal wet timing BELT (not chain)
  8. What will $25K USD buy?

    Dont think theres going to be a RWD. Looks like FWD and AWD options seem to be everyones guess.
  9. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    That could potentially be enough for me. Currently looks like a 40-48in bed, if I can extend it to 60in - my 6+ ft surboards wouldnt be "hanging" too much off the rear. With a lockable bed cover you might be able to pop them in flat sideways and have them be secured from theft. Just a thought.
  10. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    This is my thoughts exactly. IF the bed size is 48, or even lower, I would HOPE they offer a bed extender cage thing that can hold items when the tailgate is down like I had in my old Frontier. Would make loading longer items like surfboards a bit easier. But like you, Price and Second row are...
  11. Questions from a current 2011 Ranger Owner

    Thanks so much! Hopefully the 2.0l engine is not too much of a price tag - would have me lean more towards the Ranger if so. I cant wait to see this roll out, I think it will be a hit for sure.
  12. Questions from a current 2011 Ranger Owner

    Thank you, was helpful. Will be keeping an eye on it. Was just reading about the 1.5L Ecoboost Dragon 3 cyl. While I like the numbers plenty, an internal timing belt worries me. Surprised they still use belts and not timing chains - especially if it is interior.
  13. Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Renderings / Photoshop

    The more they reveal the more I like.
  14. Maverick Interior size speculation

    Those dimensions would certainly mean a very small bed... Subaru Baja? Hope its a little bigger than that.
  15. Questions from a current 2011 Ranger Owner

    First off - hello! I didnt know there was a forum for this truck yet - and I have been following the updates for quite a few months now for this truck. I wanted to ask some of you who I am sure know more about design/engine/frame than I do. For reference I currently own a 2011 2.3L 5-speed...