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  1. Let's hope there is a manual transmission available

    I drive an 07 f150 with a 5 speed and refuse to let it go unless I get something else with a stick. if the maverick doesn't have one im not gonna buy.
  2. Junk in the trunk?

    Super cab, front wheel drive, 5ft bed, six speed, and no computer screen. Real gauges. and a privacy glass. A loafering mans truck. a diy friendly truck. I want racks and shelves behind my seat for random tools, and oddities. Cheap reliable dicken off truck.
  3. Junk in the trunk?

    Think it would be a good idea to start a petition to make the maverick in a super cab with a stick shift? I want a roughly 6.5 ft truck akin to the doge rampage, or brat from the 80s. Just better because its a ford.
  4. Junk in the trunk?

    I would think the range will have a stick in the new 2022 line. depending on how the sales are for the full size broncos. Doesn't make sense to use the same 2.3 engine with optional stick in one and not the other. The internet got a stick in the bronco we can get it in new trucks too if we...
  5. Junk in the trunk?

    I wonder if this will have a trunk under the load floor like a ridgeline? Also if ford doesn't make it in a super cab with a 5 or 6 speed stick. They have completely missed the mark. I don't need a six foot bed, but I know I'm not the only one that wants a truck just for hauling myself, and...