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  1. Xtreme Thunder

    Base Maverick XL Pickup Spied with Steelies, FWD, Unique Grille! + First Ever Maverick Video

    Base models for sure. People are asking for cheap, well these are most likely such. FWD, probably 1.5T, halogen lights everything and black plastic instead of color matched and steel rims. I’m not that customer, but nice to see those that want such price point may be able to get such. Want...
  2. Xtreme Thunder

    Ford Maverick Full Uncovered Look @ Side & Rear 3/4 in Area 51 color!

    Looking halfway decent. I like the style of this little trucklet. I’m a fan of the “Area 51” color, glad to see it will be, most likely, an available color.
  3. Xtreme Thunder

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Caught Nearly Fully Revealed! 📸

    Looking pretty good. I'll still consider it considering the use case for my current truck. Looks like two different trim levels out testing. One has moonroof, body color mirror caps and door handles and different rims/ tires than the other with no moonroof, black door handles and mirror caps.
  4. Xtreme Thunder

    What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    Indeed, but the 2.3L block is even beefier. Another potential 100HP and 75TQ from an additional 0.3L. Sign me up!
  5. Xtreme Thunder

    What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    If these things come with a 2.3L EB option for like max tow or sport version, I'd probably order soon as the order banks open. I never do stuff like that based on my previous buying habits.
  6. Xtreme Thunder

    Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    I’m not sure if it was as much active research as one would imagine, rather, more like they aren’t selling sedans anymore and needed some products to keep Ford buyers in the brand. They have host of information and feedback from existing midsize and fullsize consumers. Ford does pickup trucks...
  7. Xtreme Thunder

    Maverick off-road package trim ("Timberline / Tremor"?) to be offered

    Not sure as Escape can meet and exceed Bronco Sport price. I’m willing to bet Ford figured that utilizing the Bronco name, that consumers would be willing to spend more and achieve the higher prices. Name recognition. Same with Jeep. They have subcompacts that grab $32K+ on the daily. I’m...
  8. Xtreme Thunder

    Maverick off-road package trim ("Timberline / Tremor"?) to be offered

    You should still be able to option Rear Locker separate from FX4. It is hidden under Exterior Options > Rear Axle Ratios, directly after wheel options. If you look at price comparisons, may as well just skip the Ranger and go basic F-150 with that line of thought as it would be more capable...
  9. Xtreme Thunder

    Maverick off-road package trim ("Timberline / Tremor"?) to be offered

    It makes sense to capture a broad customer base by offering a wide range of trim levels to suit many different peoples needs. Not many people on this forum, but all seem to have different needs they are hoping this product will fill. I could see this being a decent all-around product from...
  10. Xtreme Thunder

    What will the trim levels be called?

    I personally wouldn’t care what others thought. If it had subtle fascia/sheetmetal adjustments and some unique performance engine to back it up, I could careless if the base trim level were used for fleet for local pest control or internet installers.
  11. Xtreme Thunder

    What will the trim levels be called?

    I’d go for a Maverick ST, more street oriented sport truck. I fee this truck may grab some tuner/street/mini truck enthusiasts. A simple, safe tune, of even the 2.0 could yield 300HP/300TQ easily. I can’t wait to see the aftermarket/ enthusiasts grab one and do a swap for a 2.3 if not offered by...
  12. Xtreme Thunder

    AWD Ford Maverick Prototype Caught Testing + Independent Rear Suspension

    I was getting a bit worried only seeing the FWD twist-beam rear suspension. It is nice to see some confirmation it will be available in such AWD and independent rear suspension design configuration.
  13. Xtreme Thunder

    What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    I'll be giving the 2022 Nissan Frontier a serious look this October. My 2019 Tacoma lease is up 10/2021 and I want to purchase something long term as I prefer to purchase over lease. I don't like the Tacoma after living with it for about 2.5 years already. Toyota needs to do some additional...
  14. Xtreme Thunder

    What will $25K USD buy?

    Same can be said with any segment of vehicle. Why buy a loaded Bronco Sport when you can get mid option Edge or low option Explorer for the same price? Same with Ranger and F-150. Same will be with loaded Maverick to mid level Ranger to low option F-150. Why doesn’t Ford just sell only F-150 and...
  15. Xtreme Thunder

    Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Renderings / Photoshop

    That’s a pretty good rendering. I think the sheet metal bulges out a bit more at the wheels from looking at the sheet metal spy shots a month or two ago, but it is just a rendering. I also feel there is still some sort of trim piece missing around the main section of the grille, noticeably at...
  16. Xtreme Thunder

    Let's hope there is a manual transmission available

    I’m not putting any confidence in the availability of a manual transmission for the Maverick.
  17. Xtreme Thunder

    What will $25K USD buy?

    Maybe. The closest Ford products we have to speculate would be Escape and the most recent Bronco Sport. I would assume a loaded Lariat type trim level would be close to a loaded Bronco Sport Outer Banks or Badlands trim levels of which are $36,700 to $38,900 respectively. On that product, only...
  18. Xtreme Thunder

    When will it be available?

    I would guess around July 2021 for a potential reveal with availability beginning late 2021 (December) into Spring 2022 for production ramping. It is expected to be closely related to Bronco Sport, and there have been some supplier issues with certain options. Some of those owners and people...
  19. Xtreme Thunder

    Junk in the trunk?

    I’m in similar situation, I leased a 2019 Tacoma TRD OR 4X4 due to it being my first truck. I kept my 2007 Honda Civic Si sedan (purchased new) in the event I didn’t like the truck. After 2.5 years and slightly less than 20,000 miles, it has many negative nuances that are beginning to outweigh...
  20. Xtreme Thunder

    Junk in the trunk?

    Honda has a niche vehicle, and those that own them speak highly of them. The real issue is with the consumer not realistically assessing their needs. With that said, many seem to up-purchase trucks for the thought of potentially needing to utilize the higher capacities, when most don't or ever...